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The Weekly Shuffle Poker Archives

2015-12-20 Thoughts on PokerStars VIP Changes
2015-05-17 The Top 9 Myths About Online Poker
2015-05-03 The 4 Worst Tips Given To Beginner Poker Players (Don't Fall Into These Traps)
2015-04-05 Should You Play Poker Professionally?
2015-03-29 Poker Can Change Your Life: 4 Inspirational Rags to Riches Stories
2015-03-15 The Discomfort Zone: Manage it for Growth and Success
2015-03-08 An Intro to Daily Fantasy Sports
2015-02-15 The 4 Main Psychological Principles That Shape Your Poker Play
2015-02-08 A Detailed Rake and Reward Comparison of Three of the Top Poker Sites
2015-02-01 Don't Jump The Gun: Get Full Value From Your Best Hands
2015-01-25 Was the U.S. Poker Ban a Mistake?: A Case for Regulation Over Banishment
2015-01-11 5 Reasons Why a Poker Education is Better than a University Degree
2014-12-28 Meet the Biggest Winners and Losers of Online Poker in 2014
2014-11-30 Chinese Poker is Exploding - Here's What You Need to Know
2014-11-23 A Look at the Best 10 Poker Players of 2014
2014-10-26 Who's Going to Win the WSOP Main Event in 2014?
2014-10-05 Everything You Need to Know About Playing Poker With Bitcoin
2014-09-21 The Death of Poker Globalization
2014-08-24 What Winning Players Don't Do: 4 Common Traits of Losing Poker Players
2014-08-17 6 Small Hacks to Take Your Poker Performance to a Higher Level
2014-07-20 Playing in Your First Big Poker Tournament: A Survival Guide
2014-07-13 The Definitive Answer: Is Online Poker Still Beatable?
2014-06-15 Why Professional Players Are Successful
2014-06-01 Interview with Shyam Srinivasan
2014-05-25 Poker Table Etiquette
2014-05-11 Improving Your Game: Poker Leakfinding 101
2014-05-04 One Simple Trick to Accelerate Your Poker Improvement
2014-04-27 A Thought: Game Theory Optimal (GTO) (or Playing Nash)
2014-04-13 Preparing for the 2014 WSOP
2014-04-06 6 Keys to Winning at Poker
2014-03-30 Dealing With Downswings the Right Way
2014-03-16 The State of Heads-Up and Viewing Online Poker as a Video Game
2014-03-08 Beyond the Table: 4 Ways Poker Helps You in Life
2014-03-02 "Green Friday" and the Arrival of FTP Payments
2014-02-16 How to Keep Poker from Becoming a Grind
2014-02-09 A Structured Way to Improve as a Poker Player
2014-02-02 Tips for Moving Up Limits
2014-01-19 Poker Predictions for 2014
2014-01-05 Poker New Year Resolutions
2013-12-29 2013: Year in Review
2013-12-15 New Jersey State of Mind
2013-12-08 Daily Fantasy Sports and Poker: The Impact on Each Other
2013-11-24 Sheldon Adelson: Poker Enemy #1
2013-11-10 Overrated and Underrated Poker Skills
2013-11-03 Poker Superstitions
2013-10-27 Top Ways to Blow Your Poker Bankroll
2013-10-20 Top Ten Things To Do With Your Full Tilt Money
2013-10-06 Three Business Lessons Learned from the Poker Industry
2013-09-29 Underused and Overused Poker Slang
2013-09-22 Poker Myths and Facts
2013-09-15 Life Skills Poker Will and Will Not Teach You
2013-09-08 Online Poker Marketing Ideas
2013-09-01 Random Thoughts: So Close, Yet So Far Edition
2013-08-25 How PokerStars Can Be Challenged
2013-08-18 How PokerStars Came To Dominate
2013-08-11 Other Games for Poker Players
2013-08-04 10 Tips for Playing Online Poker Like a Pro
2013-07-28 Underrated Poker Twitter Accounts
2013-07-21 Interview: Jay Rosenkrantz
2013-07-14 A Look Back at 2003
2013-07-07 Unwritten Rules of Poker
2013-06-30 Film Review: All In: The Poker Movie
2013-06-23 Random Thoughts: 2013 WSOP Edition
2013-06-16 Essential Poker Tournament Skills
2013-06-09 The Bank of Timex
2013-06-02 2013 WSOP Observations
2013-05-26 A WSOP Veteran's Mindset
2013-05-19 Most Overrated People in Poker
2013-05-12 UB Tapes and Lock Poker: Poker's Bottoming-Out Moment
2013-05-05 WSOP Security Concerns
2013-04-28 Live Poker Safety Tips
2013-04-21 Random Thoughts: Summer is Coming Edition
2013-04-14 Black Friday: Two Years Later
2013-04-07 5 Poker Tips for Today's Games
2013-03-31 Applying to MBA Programs as a Poker Player
2013-03-24 Where Is the Edge in Poker?
2013-03-17 Random Thoughts: Poke Her Edition
2013-03-09 10 Ways to Advertise Yourself as a Clown
2013-03-03 PokerStars vs. U.S. Casinos
2013-02-24 Thoughts from the Chicago Poker Classic
2013-02-17 2013 WSOP Schedule Analyzed
2013-02-10 What Christie's Conditional Veto Means for Poker
2013-02-03 Poker World Prop Bets
2013-01-27 Random Thoughts: Ship It Holla Ballas Edition
2013-01-20 6 Predictions for the 2013 WSOP
2013-01-13 All About Open Face Chinese Poker
2013-01-06 Five Things Poker Has But Doesn't Need
2012-12-30 Poker World Predictions for 2013
2012-12-23 Random Thoughts: We're Still Here Edition
2012-12-16 Permanent Prohibition: Reid Efforts Dead for 2012
2012-12-09 PokerStars and Zynga Position for Market Share
2012-12-02 7 Poker Headlines You Won't Read in 2013
2012-11-25 End of 2012 Online Poker Promotions
2012-11-18 Random Thoughts: Bureaucrats Edition
2012-11-11 Interview: Chadwick Miller
2012-11-04 The Poker Shot Clock Debate
2012-10-28 Poker Reality TV Show Ideas
2012-10-21 Five Fallacies of Legal Online Poker in the U.S.
2012-10-14 WSOP-Circuit Chicago Report
2012-10-07 How to Keep Poker Skills Sharp During U.S. Prohibition
2012-09-30 Random Thoughts: Professionalism Edition
2012-09-23 The Lederer Files Highlights and Analysis
2012-09-16 Federal Online Poker Bill Leaked
2012-09-09 Caesars Could Spin-Off WSOP
2012-09-02 Poker Gold Rush in China
2012-08-26 Judgement Day for Poker
2012-08-19 10 Stupid Things in Poker
2012-08-12 2012 WSOP Final Table Preview and Betting Odds
2012-08-05 Five Questions from the PokerStars Buyout of Full Tilt
2012-07-29 Random Thoughts: Rumor Mill Edition
2012-07-22 Interview: Jon Aguiar
2012-07-15 Getting Out of Poker
2012-07-08 2012 WSOP Observations
2012-07-01 The Big One for One Drop Preview
2012-06-24 2012 WSOP Follies and Feats
2012-06-17 Non-PokerStars Sunday Tournament Schedules
2012-06-10 Beat the Heat with June Poker Promotions
2012-06-03 Poker Legal Landscape Updates
2012-05-27 Social Media and Online Poker
2012-05-20 Random Thoughts: WSOP Eve Edition
2012-05-13 2012 WSOP Betting Odds
2012-05-06 Interview: Robert Kuhn
2012-04-29 What a PokerStars Buyout of Full Tilt Would Mean
2012-04-22 Win a Trip to the 2012 WSOP Online
2012-04-15 At Black Friday Anniversary, A Poker World in Need of a Hero
2012-04-08 Interview: Tyler Bonkowski
2012-04-01 End of the Poker World Scenarios
2012-03-25 Interview: Adam Reynolds
2012-03-18 Ideas for Resurrecting Single-Table Tournaments
2012-03-11 Best Poker Twitter Accounts
2012-03-04 Random Thoughts: Epic Fail Edition
2012-02-26 Post Black Friday Online Poker Grades
2012-02-19 Recent Poker News Dump
2012-02-12 Full Tilt Bailout in Jeopardy
2012-02-05 2012 WSOP Schedule Analyzed
2012-01-29 Ten Cool Things About Online Poker
2012-01-22 Random Thoughts: Madness Edition
2012-01-15 American Poker Exile Hot Spots
2012-01-08 Interview: Faraz Jaka
2012-01-01 Poker World Predictions for 2012
2011-12-25 A Case Against Poker HUDs
2011-12-18 Christmas Wish List for Poker
2011-12-11 Random Thoughts: Screw You, Sheldon Adelson Edition
2011-12-04 Interview: Kristen Bicknell
2011-11-27 Stereotyping Poker Players Based on Nationality
2011-11-20 Recent Poker News Dump: Full Tilt Bailout Edition
2011-11-13 Thoughts from an American Poker Exile
2011-11-06 100 Things To Do with Your Full Tilt Money
2011-10-30 November Online Poker Promotions
2011-10-23 Five Things the Poker World Needs
2011-10-16 Random Thoughts: WSOP Europe Edition
2011-10-09 Interview: Taylor Caby
2011-10-02 Full Tilt Poker Questions and Answers
2011-09-25 Catching Up with Shane Schleger
2011-09-18 Recent Poker News Dump: Instability Edition
2011-09-11 Ego and Poker
2011-09-04 WPT Los Angeles Trip Report
2011-08-28 Interview: Jon Friedberg
2011-08-21 Poker World Predictions: Doomsday Edition
2011-08-14 The State of Online Poker Post-Black Friday
2011-08-07 Interview: Harold Lederman
2011-07-31 The Myth of the Rich Pro
2011-07-24 2011 November Nine Preview and Betting Odds
2011-07-17 Random Thoughts: WSOP Edition
2011-07-10 Online Poker Promotions: Full Tilt Fallout Edition
2011-07-03 Get Used to Change
2011-06-26 Requesting Online Poker Gimmicks
2011-06-19 Common Poker Player Leaks
2011-06-12 Random Thoughts: All-Nevada Edition
2011-06-05 Best Vegas Hotels for Poker Players
2011-05-29 Gambling Games with Friends
2011-05-22 How Will Black Friday Affect the WSOP?
2011-05-15 One Month Later
2011-05-08 Greed and Ultimate Bet: How the Bad Guys Won
2011-05-01 The Week in Post-DOJ News
2011-04-24 Five Things to Take from the DOJ Indictment
2011-04-17 Game Over
2011-04-10 Recent Poker News Dump
2011-04-03 Poker Then and Now
2011-03-27 Interview: Phil Galfond
2011-03-20 Random Thoughts: March Madness Edition
2011-03-13 The Intrastate Approach
2011-03-06 New Jersey Bill Defeated: A Setback for Poker
2011-02-27 March Online Poker Promotions
2011-02-20 Five Overrated and Five Underrated Things About Poker
2011-02-13 Two Sales and a Retirement
2011-02-06 Analysis of the 2011 WSOP Schedule
2011-01-30 February Online Poker Promotions
2011-01-23 Interview: Galen Hall
2011-01-16 Whatever Happened To?
2011-01-09 Recent Poker News Dump: Welcome to 2011 Edition
2011-01-02 Five Predictions for 2011
2010-12-26 The Top Five Poker News Stories of 2010
2010-12-19 Interview: Steve Tabb
2010-12-12 Poker Christmas Wish List 2010
2010-12-05 The Great Tease of 2010
2010-11-28 Recent Poker News Dump: Happy Holidays Edition
2010-11-21 The 5 Most Annoying People in Poker
2010-11-14 Really Bad Poker Advice
2010-11-07 Recent Online Poker Promotions
2010-10-31 With Apologies to Barney Frank
2010-10-24 Online Poker Game Ideas
2010-10-17 Obscure Poker Tournament Destinations
2010-10-10 2010 Poker Hall of Fame Nominees Analyzed
2010-10-03 Random Thoughts: Oktoberfest Edition
2010-09-26 Evolution of the WSOP Circuit
2010-09-19 A Brief History of WSOP Europe
2010-09-12 Latest Poker Industry News
2010-09-05 Interview: Ben Fischman
2010-08-29 Commerce Casino Throws Poker World Under the Bus
2010-08-22 Things that Make You Say 'F My Life' at the Poker Table
2010-08-15 Five Cool Poker Variants
2010-08-08 2010 Player of the Year Update
2010-08-01 2010 November Nine Preview
2010-07-25 A Brief History of Poker Strategy
2010-07-18 Five Things to Look Forward to if the WSOP Changes Venues
2010-07-11 Recent Poker News Dump
2010-07-04 Random Thoughts: WSOP and World Cup Edition
2010-06-27 Interview: Melanie Weisner
2010-06-20 How to Spot a Square in Vegas
2010-06-13 The Mini WSOP
2010-06-06 Early Notes and Observations from the WSOP
2010-05-30 WSOP Alternatives
2010-05-23 Interview: Sebastien Sabic
2010-05-16 The Four Stupidest People in Gambling
2010-05-09 Five Things to Look Forward to at the 2010 WSOP
2010-05-02 EPT Season Six Recap
2010-04-25 The Year of the Woman
2010-04-18 Poker Hall of Fame Class of 2030
2010-04-11 Random Thoughts: Hating on Poker Players and Poker Room Owners Edition
2010-04-04 Live Poker Tours
2010-03-28 Before They Were Poker Players
2010-03-21 Common Game Selection Mistakes
2010-03-14 Player Reactions to EPT Berlin Robbery
2010-03-07 Poker is Not a Sport
2010-02-28 Interview: Justin Collins
2010-02-21 Missing the Cut in the NAPT
2010-02-14 Online Poker Industry Bets
2010-02-07 Catching Up with Mike McDonald
2010-01-31 Latest Online Poker Promotions
2010-01-24 Best Poker Player Twitter Accounts
2010-01-17 A Brief History of Noble Poker
2010-01-10 Spotlight on High Stakes Online Cash Game Players
2010-01-03 Poker World Future Bets for the Next Decade
2009-12-27 Top Five Poker News Stories from 2009 that Never Happened
2009-12-20 Poker World Predictions for 2010
2009-12-13 Random Thoughts, Infidelity Edition
2009-12-06 MTT Reviews
2009-11-29 Interview: Eric Baldwin
2009-11-22 Examining the Leaked 2010 WSOP Schedule
2009-11-15 Random Thoughts, WSOP Final Table Edition
2009-11-08 Infinite Deck Poker
2009-11-01 The November Nine Ranked in Terms of Best to Worst for Poker
2009-10-25 Interview: Marvin Sun
2009-10-18 Single-Table Tournament Reviews
2009-10-11 Five Over-Appreciated People in Poker
2009-10-04 Five Under-Appreciated People in Poker
2009-09-27 Harrah's Online Poker Room Debacle
2009-09-20 Poker Flops V
2009-09-13 Improvement Suggestions for Online Poker Rooms
2009-09-06 2009 November Nine Preview
2009-08-30 Interview: Joe Cada
2009-08-23 Five Ways to Make the WSOP Better in 2010
2009-08-16 Live MTT Diamonds in the Rough
2009-08-09 Poker Player Approaches to Getting Women
2009-08-02 Random Thoughts
2009-07-26 Interview: Jan Fisher, Partner of CardPlayer Cruises
2009-07-19 Colt and Nate Take It to the Strip Club
2009-07-12 2009 WSOP Main Event Write-Up
2009-07-05 Top Five Stories from the 2009 WSOP
2009-06-28 Colt Wesson Encounters Nate McNiterson
2009-06-21 Poker Myths Debunked
2009-06-14 $30 Million Seizure: Big Deal or Not?
2009-06-07 Random Thoughts - WSOP Edition
2009-05-31 An Evening in Vegas with Colt Wesson
2009-05-24 Mistakes to Avoid at the WSOP
2009-05-17 Top Five Poker Sites for SNG's
2009-05-10 Prohibition Attempts and Responses
2009-05-03 EPT vs. WPT
2009-04-26 Top Five Online Poker Bonuses
2009-04-19 Five Steps to Destroying an Online Poker Room
2009-04-12 Interview: Dag Martin Mikkelsen
2009-04-05 Poker Has-Beens
2009-03-29 Online Poker Computer Security
2009-03-22 Interview: Mike McDonald
2009-03-15 Poker Flops IV
2009-03-08 Random Thoughts, Recession Edition
2009-03-01 The Resiliance of Poker
2009-02-22 Casino Incompetence
2009-02-15 WSOP Schedule Commentary
2009-02-08 Interview: Soren Kongsgaard
2009-02-01 Guest Commentary from the Aussie Millions
2009-01-25 All About Staking
2009-01-18 Online Poker Promotions
2009-01-11 Interview: Trond Erik Eidsvig
2009-01-04 Wisdom for the New Year from Confucius
2008-12-28 Top Five Poker News Stories from 2008 that Never Happened
2008-12-21 Weekly Shuffle Characters Make Their New Year's Resolutions
2008-12-14 A Tournament Break with John "SnapcallU" Roberts
2008-12-07 Balla on a Budget
2008-11-30 Christmas Wish List
2008-11-23 Interview: Peter Eastgate
2008-11-16 Confucius Says
2008-11-09 The Vegas Bubble
2008-11-02 Recent Prop Bets
2008-10-26 Poker Bust
2008-10-19 How A Global Financial Crisis Affects Poker
2008-10-12 The November Nine
2008-10-05 Comparing WSOP Vegas and WSOP Europe
2008-09-28 Crazy Tournament Ideas
2008-09-21 It Must Be Something in the Water(loo)
2008-09-14 The Weekly Shuffle Has Been Iked!
2008-09-07 Online Poker Room Trends
2008-08-31 Can't Miss Online Poker Promotions
2008-08-24 EPT Season Five Preview
2008-08-17 Spotlight on Up-And-Coming Europeans
2008-08-10 How To Needle Your Opponents, Part II
2008-08-03 Bodog Seizure
2008-07-27 Random Thoughts - Hater's Edition
2008-07-20 How To Needle Your Opponents, Part I
2008-07-13 Going Deep in the WSOP Main Event
2008-07-06 Interview: Spencer Lawrence
2008-06-29 Poker And The 2008 US Election
2008-06-22 WSOP $2,500 Shorthanded Write-Up
2008-06-15 PokerTips.org Updates
2008-06-08 A Day With Hairah Suks
2008-06-01 Interview: Johannes Strassmann
2008-05-25 2008 WSOP: Preview and Predictions
2008-05-18 Party Poker Million VI Trip Report, Part II
2008-05-11 Party Poker Million VI Trip Report, Part I
2008-05-04 Poker Couples
2008-04-27 Caesars WSOP Circuit Prelim Write-Up
2008-04-20 Poker Blogs, Part III
2008-04-13 Interview: Mike Johnson
2008-04-06 Interview: Benny Degenerito
2008-03-30 Trip Report: Irish Poker Open
2008-03-23 Are You A Nit? (The Quiz)
2008-03-16 Random Thoughts
2008-03-09 Interview: Nate McNiterson
2008-03-02 2008 Oklahoma State Poker Championship
2008-02-24 Showdown: Nate McNiterson vs. Benny Degenerito
2008-02-17 Interview: Adam "AJunglen7" Junglen
2008-02-10 Vegas Poker Rooms, Downtown Edition
2008-02-03 Differences Between European and American Casinos
2008-01-27 Sunday Majors Rundown
2008-01-20 Interview: Dave Irish
2008-01-13 A Vegas Trip With Nate McNiterson
2008-01-06 Here's To A Boring 2008
2007-12-30 Top Ten News Stories Of 2007
2007-12-23 Analysis of 2008 WSOP Schedule
2007-12-16 Vegas Poker Rooms, Off The Strip Edition
2007-12-09 Poker Blogs, Part II
2007-12-02 Enemies of Poker
2007-11-25 Interview: Sabrinia King
2007-11-18 The Life And Trials Of Benny Degenerito
2007-11-11 Interview with Pacific Poker's Ariel Levy
2007-11-04 Random Thoughts
2007-10-28 Vegas Poker Rooms, Part III
2007-10-21 Scandalous
2007-10-14 Interview: Nat Arem
2007-10-07 Multi-Table Tournament Reviews
2007-09-30 The Future Of Poker
2007-09-23 Great News, Terrible News
2007-09-16 Poker Flops, Part III
2007-09-09 Best PokerTips.org Forum Threads
2007-09-02 SNG Reviews
2007-08-26 Interview: InterPoker's Poker Manger, Henrik Nielsson
2007-08-19 Interview: Leif Force
2007-08-12 Top-Heavy Tournament Payouts
2007-08-05 Random Thoughts
2007-07-29 Unique Online Tournaments, Part II
2007-07-22 Pro Websites, Part V
2007-07-15 WSOP Main Event Observations
2007-07-08 Vegas Dos And Don'ts
2007-07-01 Interview: Ari "BodogAri" Engel
2007-06-24 The Joys Of Soft Competition
2007-06-17 Predictions Revisited
2007-06-10 Video Game Reviews, Part II
2007-06-03 WSOP Alternatives
2007-05-27 WSOP Circuit Event: New Orleans
2007-05-20 WSOP Preview
2007-05-13 Interview: Sebastian Ruthenberg
2007-05-06 Publicly Traded Online Poker Companies
2007-04-29 Pro Websites, Part IV
2007-04-22 Online Poker: Past and Present
2007-04-15 Interview: Mike Goodman
2007-04-08 Vegas Poker Room Reviews, Part II
2007-04-01 Recent Legal Developments
2007-03-25 Interview: Shaun Deeb
2007-03-18 Poker Myths
2007-03-11 The Truth about Brick-and-Mortar Tournaments
2007-03-04 Video Game Reviews
2007-02-25 Sit-'N'-Go Tournaments
2007-02-18 Oklahoma State Championship
2007-02-11 The Neteller Fallout
2007-02-04 Analysis of the 2007 WSOP Schedule
2007-01-28 Poker Flops, Part II
2007-01-21 Neteller: They Gone!
2007-01-14 Interview: Brian "pearljam1012" Dawydiuk
2007-01-07 Vegas Poker Room Reviews
2006-12-31 Year In Review
2006-12-24 Venetian Tournament Write-Up
2006-12-17 Speculations for the New Year
2006-12-10 Interview: Ray "ExitOnly" Coburn
2006-12-03 Dime A Dozen
2006-11-26 Interview: Roland Specht
2006-11-19 Vegas Poker Tips
2006-11-12 Poker Flops
2006-11-05 Multi-table Tournament Reviews
2006-10-29 Two Weeks Into Prohibition
2006-10-22 How Did It Happen?!
2006-10-15 Pro Websites, Part III
2006-10-08 Analysis of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act
2006-10-01 Interview: Bill Fillmaff
2006-09-24 Playing Responsible Poker
2006-09-17 Recent Legal Developments
2006-09-10 Online Tournament Circuits
2006-09-03 Interview: Philip Hilm
2006-08-27 The Impact of Jamie Gold
2006-08-20 Interview: Amit Sharma
2006-08-13 Party Poker Monster Review
2006-08-06 Thoughts on the WSOP Main Event
2006-07-30 My Marathon Session
2006-07-23 Interview: Warren Wong
2006-07-16 Thoughts on the 2006 WSOP
2006-07-09 Million Dollar Tournaments
2006-07-02 Trash Talk
2006-06-25 Interview: Eric "Rizen" Lynch
2006-06-18 WSOP Prop Bets
2006-06-11 Pro Websites, Part II
2006-06-04 Casinos Around the World
2006-05-28 Unique Online Tournaments
2006-05-21 Rigged!
2006-05-14 Interview: Shane "Shaniac" Schleger
2006-05-07 Player Points Compared
2006-04-30 The Future is No-Limit
2006-04-23 Pro Websites
2006-04-16 WSOP Satellites
2006-04-09 Rake Traps, Part II: Online Poker
2006-04-02 Rake Traps, Part I: Brick-and-Mortar Poker
2006-03-26 Interview: Pete "The Beat" Giordano
2006-03-19 Media Myths
2006-03-12 Tournament Circuits
2006-03-05 On the New Party Poker Software
2006-02-26 The "Grandma Dilemma"
2006-02-19 Poker Humor on the Web
2006-02-12 Evaluating Freerolls
2006-02-05 Collusion
2006-01-29 Sit-'N'-Go Tournaments
2006-01-22 Evaluating Bonuses
2006-01-15 Publicly Traded Poker Companies
2006-01-08 TV Commentators
2006-01-01 Casino Etiquette
2005-12-25 Poker Blogs
2005-12-18 The Evolution of Bonuses
2005-12-11 The Effect of Advertising
2005-12-04 Party Poker Side Bets and Blackjack
2005-11-27 Multi-table Tournament Reviews

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