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Latest Online Poker Promotions

Recently, a few online poker rooms have released some noteworthy promotions. Party Poker's Hit and Run In the month of February, Party Poker is giving their players a pretty fun, easy and cool way to win free money. Simply collect 20 Party Points and you'll receive $1 to use in their Hit and Run heads up game. In this game, you will be dealt a hand and face off against the computer's hand. If your Texas hold'em hand beats the computer's, you double your dollar up to $2. At that point, you can either choose to Hit or Run. If you Run, the game is over and your account is credited with $2. If you Hit, you risk your $2 and try to run it up to $4. You can successfully hit as many as 10 times per game. If you win all 10, you'll have $1,024 credited to your account. But if you lose at any point, the game is over. You can play this game up to 10 times per day on Party Poker meaning you could conceivably win as much as $10,240 every day in February. Of course, anyone who runs that hot should just go play the mega lotto. online poker 468x60 This is a pretty cool and fun promotion that is essentially just a glorified form of rakeback. Based on their points system, you're basically getting an expected value of 5% rakeback through this promotion, so while it's not exactly an earth-shattering amount of money, it is fun and better than nothing. Titan Poker's Last Man Standing Starting on February 1st at Titan poker, players' points will be checked daily. Players who keep up a steady pace of gameplay and meet a certain threshold of point requirements will continue onto the next day. Those who do not meet the threshold will drop out of the competition. Every day there will be fewer players who qualify from their group until eventually there is a Last Man Standing. This player will receive a cash prize ranging from $100 up to $13,000. Players are grouped according to their Titan Poker VIP level as of February 1st. Note that the winning player must accumulate their specific point goals per day for at least 30 consecutive days. In other words, even if you're the Last Man Standing on day 26, you still need to meet your point requirements for four more days in order to win your group's prize. The minimum points required per day varies depending on the prize. For example, to win the $100 prize, one must only collect 20 points per day and be the last player remaining to have collected that number of points each day from the start of February. For the $13,000 prize, one must collect 7,500 points each and every day until they are the final player to have done so each day. If two players are both the Last Man Standing on the same end date, the one who collected the most total points over the course of the promotion will be declared the winner. Titan Poker has made it impossible for a high VIP level player to win all prizes. One might question how anyone who collects 7,500+ points every day would not also win every other prize that requires fewer points to be earned. To get around this, Titan Poker is preventing anyone in their top VIP level from winning any prize except for the top two ($13,000 and $5,000). This is a pretty decent promotion and should be taken advantage of by anyone who grinds on a daily basis without fail. Full Tilt Poker's Rush Poker Tables Full Tilt Poker recently added a very unique form of online poker to their software. The new games are called Rush Poker which is being billed as the most intense poker action in the world. Rush Poker is designed to eliminate wait time between hands. When you fold, you are whisked away to a new table full of new opponents all of whom just completed their own hands somewhere else. To play, you join a large pool of players who are all interested in playing the same game and stakes as yourself. For example, all $0.50-$1 no-limit hold'em players are put in the same pool and moved around to different tables with each other as soon as they conclude the hand they are currently playing. This new form of poker has caused quite a stir in the online poker community. Some of the upsides (or downsides, depending on how you view it) of Rush Poker are the datamining (using software programs like PokerTracker) is less effective. Since you're facing new opponents each hand, building an image and noticing reads on your opponents is pointless. In general, the games seem to be tighter than the "regular" tables of the same stakes. This is probably because of the Quick Fold button that allows you to fold your hand out of turn (although the software folds it in turn) and move onto the next hand rather than wait your turn. If you are interested in the concept of Rush Poker, check out this video located in our free poker videos section.

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