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Poker Blogs, Part III

In these two previous Weekly Shuffles, we highlighted the blogs of nine poker players. Dozens, perhaps even hundreds, of poker players maintain (note that I didn't say "regularly maintain") a blog about their careers and lives. Here are a few more such blogs that could be worth checking out. online poker 468x60 Nat Arem If you're read our interview with Nat Arem, you'll know that he's come up with an uncommon way to profit from the game of poker. The company Nat keeps could be characterized as a "who's who" of top online poker players. However, Nat himself scarcely plays the game. Instead, he's gained notoriety for starting thepokerdb, a popular online tournament database. That site was eventually purchased by Bluff Magazine who incorporated Nat's creation into their website. Throughout all of this, Nat has maintained what could be considered among the best poker blogs in existence. His blog has a lot of value to the poker world by serving as a great stop to catch up on relevant industry news. Often, this news has something of an "insider" edge to it since Nat is able to acquire information from his various contacts to online poker rooms. Another nice aspect of Nat's blog is that he likes to post pictures of various well-known online poker players. This is a great way to help readers put a face with the screenname. Justin Bonomo There was a time where Justin Bonomo was much better known as "ZeeJustin", but those days are fading quickly. The notorious online superstar has taken his game to brick and mortar poker rooms since turning twenty-one. Luckily for him, the successes he enjoyed online seem to have transferred to the live arena fairly seamlessly. In a little more than two years, Justin has managed to land $1,000,000 in gross live tournament cashes. One thing I like about Justin's blog is the glimpse he gives readers into his thought processes at the table. At this point, it's hard to refute that he's an excellent tournament player, so the amount of insight he shares in his blog should be regarded as valuable. In the past, it's been sort of hit or miss with regards to how often the blog is updated. Lately, Justin has authored entries on a regular basis while participating in some pretty intense poker-related traveling. Tao of Poker The author of this blog, Pauly, is by no means a top poker player, but he is a top poker blogger. His blog's header sums it up best, "Welcome to the gambling ramblings of Pauly... a writer, traveler, and degenerate from NYC." I should confess to not being a regular visitor to this blog, but perhaps I should be. Several enjoyable poker bloggers link to Pauly's Tao of Poker. Plus, the blog is updated constantly, which can be a rare thing to find in the gambling world. Some of the posts aren't more than glorified advertisements for online poker rooms, but many of them serve as unique commentary on the game we all love. Steven Jacobs Steven "stevesbets" Jacobs has an established record as a top online poker player. His success in the game hasn't been limited to a mouse and keyboard, though. He has over $300,000 in winnings from live tournaments. He's known for being a big winner in high stakes sit-'n'-go tournaments and also has extensive participation in high stakes cash games, both live and online. His blog can be something of a mixed bag. It's unfortunate that he's not more dedicated to maintaining it. He is clearly an intelligent individual with some interesting ideas. It is not uncommon to see one of his blogs conclude by saying, "I'll write on [such and such a topic] tomorrow," only for the next day to come and go without any such post. However, there's no point in crying over spilled milk. Steve's blog is an enjoyable destination even with its flaws.

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