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Really Bad Poker Advice

This week, we present to you... drum-roll please... Really Bad Poker Advice! If you hear anyone dispensing advice similar to anything below, discount that person's credibility substantially and immediately! Poker is totally legal in America. Don't let some shadowy law stop you from making a fortune by starting your own online poker room. You'll be fine. Well since you only have $10 in the pot, just fold and wait for an easier spot. online poker 468x60 Starting a poker training site is a great idea. There's a huge demand for that stuff right now and not enough people have stepped in to fill the market. Multi-accounting tournaments is the only real way to make money in this game anymore. If you know you're behind, fold. Nothing else should matter. The jackpot sit-n-gos at myBet are the only sit-n-gos anyone should bother playing since you have a chance at a big score. There is tons of dead money in the poker economy. I know you're just starting out, but if you drop out of college to focus your efforts on poker, I think you'll be better off for it in the long run. Omaha Hi-Lo is the game of the future. I'd suggest spending all of your time getting as good at it as possible because in two years, that's all anyone is going to play. Networks are really interested in creative new poker TV shows, so if you can create one, the dream of being a major Hollywood producer is not far off. Women can't handle the challenge of no-limit hold'em, so when you have a woman at your table, put her all-in regularly and she'll fold everytime as long as she doesn't have the nuts. All-in Energy Drink is a great business investment; even Phil Hellmuth is investing in it right now. (Someone actually once said this to me!) When you're involved in a side-pot in a tournament after someone else is all-in, you should always check it down, especially if you're at the final two tables. Never draw to an inside straight. If you get dealt AA on the first hand of the Main Event and someone moves all-in, fold. The structure is just too good to risk busting out on the first hand. Watching poker on TV is one of the best ways to improve your game. Asia. That's the next poker boom right there. If you start an online poker room that caters only to Asians, you'll be rich in two years flat. The real money is in $3/$6 and $5/$10 no-limit. Most of those guys have no clue what they're doing. You wanna make a living playing poker? It's easy. Follow these four steps. 1. Pick up a copy of Phil Hellmuth's Play Poker Like the Pros. 2. Memorize it. 3. Never deviate from a word it says. 4. Watch the $$$ start rolling in. Never count your chips at the table, it's bad luck and rude to the other players. The time is ripe to quit your day job and focus on poker. Poker's improving legal situation in the U.S. will soon trigger Poker Boom V2.0. The games on Lucky Ace are pretty tough. I would just keep my whole roll on PokerStars if I were you. You want a sponsorship deal? All it takes is binking a World Poker Tour final table, so play as many of those events as you can.

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