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Interview: Joe Cada

Age: 21 Hometown: Shelby Township, Michigan Best Known For: Making the 2009 November Nine fifth in chips During what must be a pretty anxious four months for him, November Nine finalist Joe Cada was nice enough to let us pick his brain about his route to the final table and his feelings about having to wait four months to resume his quest to becoming World Champion. online poker 468x60 PokerTips.org: How did you get started into poker and how long have you been playing? Cada: I've been playing poker for about 6 years now, I always love to play cards and was always very competitive. The Moneymaker-effect made the popularity of game to increase creating a lot of poker games with friends and such. I also have a bunch of friends that play professionally so I could always go to them when I had questions. PokerTips.org: In this year's WSOP Main Event, you were one of the chip-leaders after day one and made it all the way to the final table. Did you always have a big stack or was there a point where you had to grind back up from a below average stack? Cada: Day 1 I ended with 187,000 chips and day 2 I ended with about 210,000. I was about double the average stack for most of the tournament. PokerTips.org: Have you been all-in and called by someone who had you covered yet in the tournament? If so, describe that situation(s) for us. Cada: There were a few spots I got low in chips but I was never actually all in. PokerTips.org: If you had to choose one hand that was the most crucial one of the tournament for you, which one would it be? Cada: The most crucial hand I played was on day 8 when I was down to 2 million chips and someone moved all-in in front of me for 1.6 million. I called with pocket Eights and they had pocket Fives. PokerTips.org: What was your biggest cash in a tournament prior to the seven-figures you'll be getting in the Main Event? Cada: The biggest cash I had in a tournament prior to the Main Event was $147,000 for winning the biggest weekly tournament on Full Tilt early last year. PokerTips.org: Generally speaking, how do you feel about having to wait four months before the final table? Cada: I liked the wait at first, but 4 months is awful long time and I think its finally getting to me. PokerTips.org: What are some of the things on your schedule between the stoppage of play and the November final table? Cada: I just got back from LA, wasn't too happy how I played and went out really early in the tournament. I plan on playing in EPT Barcelona, EPT London, and WSOP Europe before the final table. PokerTips.org: Have you built a personal relationship with any of the other eight players at the final table? Cada: I have yet to build a relationship with any of the players, but Steve [Begleiter] was directly on my left to start off the LA WPT event. PokerTips.org: Are you doing anything out of the ordinary to prepare for the final table? Cada: I haven't done anything out of the ordinary to prepare for the final table. PokerTips.org: If you win, you will obviously be elated whereas 9th would be a pretty big disappointment. What would you say is the most emotion-less finish for you? Cada: I think anything less then first will be an extreme disappointment for me. PokerTips.org: PinnacleSports.com has you at +1537 to win the tournament. Do you think that's a good bet? Cada: Yes, I like my odds. PokerTips.org: Finally, where is the after-party when you win and can I come? :) Cada: Don't know where the after party will be but you are more then welcome to come!

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