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Underated Poker Twitter Accounts

We've written a couple articles before highlighting the best poker player Twitter accounts. Many of these were pretty straightforward. In this version of paying homage to great poker player Twitter accounts, we'll zero-in on personalities that don't quite have a widespread following from the whole of the poker world: online poker 468x60 coreyburbick Burbick's brash style is not for the faint of heart. There is plenty of R-rated and downright disturbing stuff tweeted by this poker pro but he's reached 3,000+ followers on account of much of it being hilarious too. ReynoldsXO 2010 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure High Roller winner William Reynolds deserves props for his no holds barred personality. He's a likable poker figure that tells it like it is. RandALLin Playa del Carmen poker refugee Randal Flowers tweets a nice mix of sports and poker. Randal is a dinosaur in the scope of online poker and is usually on point in his assessment. christryba 2012 bracelet winner Chris Tryba can only be described as a character and it shows through his Twitter account. His tweets are not usually for the faint of heart. SquidPoker Speaking of characters, the UK's Sam Grafton is as relevant as it gets when it comes to poker personalities. Do yourself a favor and follow him. Jonyonson In his Twitter bio, Jonathan Taylor claims to be a "Model/Philosopher". That sets the stage for what is a pretty comical poker twitter account. LukeNettles Luke Nettles maintains a private twitter account. So if you want to follow him he'll have to approve you first. But if you can get past that barrier it's worth it, especially if you're a fan of UFC. TWKftw Jared Hamby is well-known by his online screenname "TheWacoKidd". His helpful twitter bio tells you what to expect: "most tweets are about sports, poker, pop culture, current events." constantcolorup Live tournament journeyman Jason Lavallee seems to know how to have a good time as reading his tweets is usually just that. LifeFaceCards A must-follow twitter account for some hilarious animated images that perfectly capture some of the various feelings that arise from playing poker.

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