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Best Poker Twitter Accounts

We did a version of this article 26 months ago, but that might as well be 10 years by social media and poker world standards. Twitter can be a great way to keep tabs on interesting figures from any subculture including the poker community. The best poker Twitter accounts provide a nice mix of humor, information, opinion, and interesting non-poker related links. In other words, they tweet more than just their latest chip count from whatever tournament they're in. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the best poker Twitter accounts: online poker 468x60 kevmath Kevmath is the source for poker information. Anyone with the slightest interest in poker should be following him. Daleroxxu Team PokerStars Online Pro Dale Philip maintains a very active social media presence. He has transformed himself into something of a "fan favorite" in the poker community and his Twitter account is a major reason why. FarazJaka World Poker Tour Season 8 Player of the Year Faraz Jaka maintains a pretty interesting Twitter feed with a nice mix of poker and non-poker content alike. taylorcaby High stakes poker player turned entrepreneur Taylor Caby's Twitter feed is a nice mix of interesting links, business advice, and calling people out on their crap. ShaneSchleger Another Team PokerStars Online Pro, Shane Schleger has lately taken to tweeting insults spewed towards him in the chat box at online poker games. It's a humorous angle. shaundeeb Shaun Deeb's Twitter account is really entertaining, but you might want to follow its companion account, Deeb Translator to make sense out of Shaun's sometimes indecipherable messages. Betfairpoker Normally corporate Twitter accounts are downright insufferable, but whoever runs Betfair Poker's poker account has a very active imagination. The latest tweet reads, "My charisma has reached an all time low. People in pubs have started asking my friends 'Is anyone sitting in that chair?' whilst I'm in it." DanBilzerian There are almost no words for Dan Bilzerian's Twitter feed. He lives life on the edge to say the least. Last fall, the former Navy SEAL live-tweeted his third heart attack (Bilzerian admits to using steroids). Most recently, he took a private jet to Cabo with a bunch of girls and tweeted pics throughout. Bilzerian might have summarized his feed best in a recent tweet, "If I told ya about it, you wouldn't believe me anyways..." RealCrazyMike High stakes live pro Mike Thorpe tweets a ton of pictures of the characters he finds himself playing against at the Aria in Las Vegas. It's an interesting feed for any poker fan. BrokeLivingJRB Tony Dunst recently said it best, "@BrokeLivingJRB is the best in poker at being poor and living rich." What Jean-Robert Bellande might lack in bankroll management skills he makes up for in charisma and a solid Twitter feed. HowardFLederer Spoof Howard Lederer account that sometimes strikes gold. A recent tweet read, "FTP players might get paid back soon. Going to help a Nigerian prince get money off shore. Turn $1 million of players money into $145m." Bond18 Host of the World Poker Tour's Raw Deal, Tony Dunst tweets some good stuff. It's too bad he doesn't tweet more often! Reeda205 Reed Hensel only has 141 followers which means a lot of people are missing out on his occasional alcohol-fueled Twitter rants on poker, politics, and whatever else happens to be under his skin. JonAguiar Highly opinionated poker pro Jon Aguiar tweets a lot of great poker information and commentary. haralabob While perhaps only marginally able to be considered a "poker player", Haralabos Voulgaris has an awesome Twitter feed with a heavy focus on the NBA. Recently, he weighed in on the Erick Lindgren debt scandal with some interesting insight. SavagePoker Tournament director Matt Savage is a social media junkie. Among his interesting tweets include answering questions on how he would rule various live poker disputes. RealKidPoker With 158k followers, there's a good chance you're already following Daniel Negreanu's Twitter account. If you aren't, you should. Negreanu has more weight than anyone in poker now that the Full Tilt fiasco took out his nearest competitors. MattGlantz Matt Glantz has recently been outspoken on issues such as the collapse of Full Tilt Poker and the Epic Poker League. He's a great voice of reason for the poker community. FakeGusHansen Great Gus Hansen spoof account. A recent tweet: "Hey everyone, did you notice that 5 million dollars doesn't get you what it used to???" PokerTipsOrg Hey while you're at it, throw us a follow too!

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