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Random Thoughts: Hating on Poker Players and Poker Room Owners Edition

Sooo... Howard... Chris... buddies... uhh... why didn't you move out of the country like the owners of all the other major US-facing sites? It blows me away how lazy some poker players are. If there was ever a World Series of Laziness, I firmly believe that many of the top contenders for the title would be poker players by trade. For instance, do you know how hard it is to interview a poker player? I don't mean a sit-down, full-on interview with cameras, I just mean one of the many text-based interviews we've published as a Weekly Shuffle. It is close to impossible to get some poker players to respond to an email. Call me crazy, but I think if a major poker portal contacted me and wanted me to answer a few questions all about myself, I could probably free up three minutes in my day to oblige. online poker 468x60 I think the whole "taking on the boys" angle that some female poker players play up from a marketing standpoint is getting really overplayed. Okay. We get it. You're playing poker without a penis. Can we try to stop acting like this is something to be impressed by? Seriously... Howard... Chris... it's time to hit the road guys. It's time to pack a bag and get on a plane. You sold your right to live in the U.S. for a few hundred million. There's nothing wrong with that, but we're going to have to ask you to leave now. I wonder if poker players will ever try to unionize? Maybe they could get an online poker room to financially support union activities and in order to be a member of the union, you must log some paltry number of hands at that site each week. Nah... poker players are way too lazy to ever make this happen. Instead we'll just keep paying millions in vig each summer to Harrah's while they make another $7.5 million a year just from selling felt-ads. A poker players union for these purposes is pretty much impossible anyway. The weak players could care less about paying vig. It would only be the winning players that would be inclined to boycott on account of excess vig. If they boycott, the games will become super soft which will inevitably lead to some of them refusing to continue boycotting. Once a few of them decide to play, everyone will decide to play and they'll be right back where they started except a little more angry. I wonder if Gary Loveman laughs maniacally while puffing on a cigar at the thought of this?

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