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Christmas Wish List for Poker

Christmas season is upon us. That means it's time for spoiled people all around the world to sit down and write out a list of things they want. Not being the type to shy away from such an opportunity, here is our Christmas wish list for the poker world: - Four color decks in live poker. How is it that a sizable chunk of regular online poker players prefer a four color deck and yet there is not a single casino on earth (that we're aware of) that uses a four color deck in their poker games? Poker players are lazy. C'mon, don't make us have to squint for an extra half second to determine if it's a spade or a club! online poker 468x60 - Better security at the Rio. It's worth repeating that the parking lot of the Rio during the WSOP is a mugger's paradise. Limited security and light with poker players walking to their cars with big wads of cash in their pocket. Seems kind of amazing that no one has been mugged there yet. - More competition in online poker. It would be great to see sites like Party Poker and Titan Poker join in with 888 Poker by really kicking some butt and growing their player base. It's in players best interests if there are multiple sites competing for supremacy rather than a monopoly. - A really good poker movie. It's been 13 years since Rounders was released and there have been precisely zero good poker movies released since then. Miramax Films has plans to release a Rounders sequel in 2014, but plans for Hollywood films crumble all the time. One time let Rounders 2 actually reach production and be as good as the original! - More groupies. - Better live poker reporting. The live reporting at the WSOP is basically a disaster. To say there's room for improvement would be like saying Oprah's weight occasionally fluctuates. The first step would be for Tony G to stop cost cutting by hiring a new crop of inexperienced reporters each summer in order to save funds. Retain the reporters that actually understand the game and report it accurately. That or just stop trying altogether and focus exclusively on reporting chip counts accurately and timely (hint: use player Twitter feeds for assistance!) - For poker to take off in China. Occasionally, you'll see an online player from China now which before was never the case. The live games in Macau are notoriously juicy. There's like a billion people over there! It's too bad most of them are broke. But can we at least see more of those corrupt Chinese officials putting some of their loot into the poker economy? - More accountability and transparency. After the disasters of AP/UB and Full Tilt Poker, it's clear that poker operators need to be held to a higher level of accountability for the integrity of their games and player funds. These gaming licensing places seem to range from mostly ineffective to downright corrupt. - For Shaun Deeb's grandma to come back in 2012 new and improved and to win the WSOP. - For Sheldon Adelson to shut the **** up. Just because he hasn't secured an online poker deal doesn't mean he needs to try to tank online poker for the rest of us. Most of Las Vegas Sand's revenue comes from Asian brick and mortar casinos who wouldn't really be hurt/helped by online poker, so he just needs to shut his greedy, old mouth up. - One time Harry Reid come through with legalized online poker in the US? Needs to happen soon because if Newt Gingrich is the next President it won't be happening for a long, long time.

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