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Christmas Wish List

Kids all over the world are filling out their Christmas wish lists at this time of the year. We might not be kids, but we are a couple of highly immature guys in their mid-20s, so why shouldn't we get to make a list too? What do we want for Christmas? Well... ...That the winner of the WSOP Main Event does an interview with PokerTips soon after his historic win. Oh wait that already happened! online poker 468x60 ...For a poker movie or TV show to be made that is not absolutely horrible. One time Rounders 2? ...That the Clonie Gowen vs. Full Tilt lawsuit turns out to be highly entertaining without damaging the poker world. ...For those disease-free, self-cleaning android hookers to finally be invented. ...For MRVEGAS to continue posting sure-thing "super lock" sports picks in The Rail. FAAAAAADE!! ...For an attractive woman to win the 2009 WSOP Main Event. ...For brick-and-mortar poker rooms to take a queue from restaurants and give players a pager that can buzz them to their seats. ...That Party Poker still gives affiliates a free ride to the Party Poker Million Cruise! ...For the global economic crisis not to have too much of a negative impact on the vice we all love. ...That the loyal members of our poker forums all enjoy the best year of their poker playing careers. Except for MRVEGAS. The last thing he needs is something to inflate his ego! ...That Phil Hellmuth shows up to the Main Event riding an elephant. ...For Obama and the Democrats to overturn the UIGEA. Oh wait, Santa just does gifts, not miracles. Better chance at the android hookers.

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