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Who's Going to Win the WSOP Main Event in 2014?

The main event, with a $10 million first prize, is the most coveted poker title in the world. The final table will be played on November 10th. The Main Event: Where Do We Stand The final table will kick off with the last 9 players remaining in the tournament. The betting odds of each player winning have just been released by Bovada, take a look at the players and their odds of winning below: online poker 468x60 Jorryt van Hoof (38,375,000 Chips): 14/5 Felix Stephensen (32,775,000 Chips): 4/1 Mark Newhouse (26,000,000 Chips): 5/1 Andoni Larrabe (22,550,000 Chips): 7/1 Dan Sindelar (21,200,000 Chips): 15/2 Martin Jacobson (14,900,000 Chips): 8/1 Will Pappaconstantinou (17,500,000 Chips): 10/1 William Tonking (15,050,000 Chips): 12/1 Bruno Politano (12,125,000 Chips): 16/1 Not shockingly, having more chips results in a higher chance to win the tournament. The one exception is Martin Jacobson, who has better odds than both Will Pappaconstantinou and William Tonking due to his experience as a player, although the odds aren't better by a huge margin. The Favorite: Jorryt van Hoof The chip leader is also a professional poker player. At 31 years old, the Dutch player has $188,000 in career tournament earnings. He has had solid performances in the past in big tournaments, making it to the final table at an EPT event and also at the Master Classics of Poker tournament. His experience combined with his massive stack makes him the odd-on favorite to take the title. Second in Command: Felix Stephensen Felix isn't a vastly experienced player, he's only 23 years old. The Norwegian hasn't played many tournaments, but has managed to cash in one previous main event - the 2013 EPT Barcelona main event. He's played strongly so far, and with over $700 thousand wrapped up already, you can be sure he'll be gunning for an even bigger payday to make his mark. He will have to keep an eye on the chip leader, who will sit directly on his left. The Return of Mark Newhouse Making one final table is an incredible feat, but making two? Newhouse is a 29 year old American from North Carolina, and is one of very few players to accomplish this feat. Last year he finished 9th, so he'll be looking to improve on that impressive performance. On top of that, he also won the WPT Borgata Open back in 2006. With a solid chip stack, Mark could make some waves. The Young Man: Andoni Larrabe This is an extremely young final table overall, but no one is younger than the 22 year old Larrabe. To further complement the global array of talent, the Spaniard is looking to make his first big score in a tournament. His only significant run in the past was finishing in the money at 11th place in the EPT main event back in 2012. The Poker Pro: Dan Sindelar Dan is another professional player who has solid past tournament experience. Living and playing in Las Vegas, Dan is a solid pro who has a fairly impressive past $527,000 in tournament winnings. Look for Sindelar to play patiently and try to capitalize on the more inexperienced players. The Swede: Martin Jacobson The Scandanavian countries have fared quite well at this year's WSOP. Jacobson is another poker professional, who operates out of London. He is a tournament specialist and has gone deep in many major events. His impressive $4.6 million in winnings are topped off by his win at the 2013 WSOP One Drop Hill Roller. There's a reason why his odds of winning are solid despite having one of the smallest stacks going into the final table. Foosball Champion Will Pappaconstantinou While not a novice, "Pappas" doesn't have the experience to match the other players at this table. He's had limited success on the tournament circuit, with a fifth place finish at a small WSOP tournament in 2013 his most impressive run. While not experienced in final table poker, he is a world foosball champion, which gives him some experience of performing under pressure. William Tonking: Comes Up a Bit Short William is yet another American at this final table. While at first glance his playing history is impressive with 10 cashes, he's never finished higher than fifth in a significant tournament. While he's about to make the most impressive cash of his life, we'll see if he can finish at the top. With history and a small amount of chips stacked against him, William is surely one of the underdogs at this final table. The Short Stack: Bruno Politano Bruno is a poker hobbyist at heart, which makes his run to the final table almost miraculous. Politano is also making history as the first Brazilian to survive the main event to reach the final table. With a short stack and very little playing experience, the odds are stacked against him, but at this point Politano has nothing to lose. 9 players, $10 million for first. It's going to be an exciting final table like always, but only one man can walk away with the main event bracelet. Be sure to follow along with the action on November 10th.

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