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Poker Then and Now

This week, we'll be highlighting some of the changes the game of poker has gone through by comparing the past to the present. Game Security Then: Road games guarded by firearms. Now: Casino cameras, encrypted passwords, and VPN devices. Top Poker Strategy Then: Super/System by Doyle Brunson Now: CardRunners, PokerTips.org online poker 468x60 Figuring Out Your Opponents Then: Observing Now: Buying the right software How to Complain About a Bad Beat Then: Call Mom Now: Post on Facebook Sign You're a Baller Then: Bills get paid, no outstanding debts, casino owner knows who you are. Now: PP watch, six-figure sports car, stable of horses, condo in Vegas, 19 year old boys idolize you. Most-Talented Age Group Then: Mid- to late-thirties, early forties. Now: Early twenties. Jaw-Dropping Field Size Then: 200 Now: 100,000 Best Poker Writer Then: Andy Glazer Now: Pauly Paradise Poker Then: Largest online poker room Now: Defunct (??) Plays Insane Then: Stu Ungar Now: Russians How Little Delinquents Get-Around Being Underage Then: Fake ID Now: Create online account Best Non-American Player Then: Johnny Chan Now: Nowhere close to consensus. What to do when you Win a Bracelet Then: Go to Spearmint Rhino Now: Go to Spearmint Rhino Place with the Most People Playing Poker Then: Binion's in May. Now: Zygna on Facebook any hour of the day. Tournament Duration Then: One long day Now: Either four long days (live) or seven hours (online) Number of Decent-Looking Girls in the Poker Room Then: 0 Now: 2 if your standards are loose Something for Nothing Then: Sports-betting tip from the nearest degenerate. Now: $8 at 888 Poker. Mecca of Poker Then: Vegas Now: Your living room. What People Talk About on Breaks Then: Whether Chicago will cover four points. Now: Whether they should have gone for more river value with their flush. Best Poker Movie Then: Cool Hand Luke Now: Rounders Biggest Celebrity Serious About Poker Then: Gabe Kaplan Now: Emmitt Smith, Matt Damon, Shane Warne Nicest Guy x Best Player Then: Erik Seidel Now: Erik Seidel In the Air Then: Cigarette smoke Now: Soapy perfume Typical Leak Then: Pit games, strippers, and coke. Now: Playing too many tables, bad game selection, poor focus, bad bankroll management, unhealthy lifestyle. Poker's Biggest Legal Opponent Then: The Texas Rangers Now: Republicans on Capitol Hill How to Get Fans Then: Throw the best parties Now: Update Twitter regularly Maximum Number of Online Tables Then: One Now: Thirty Funniest Thing in Poker Then: Scotty Nguyen's table talk Now: The Micros, Internet memes, and Xtranormal videos Justice for Cheaters Then: Broken bones, facial lacerations. Now: Forum post, status quo. In the Typical Player's Pockets Then: Cigarettes, sports-betting ticket, lucky gold coin. Now: Cigarettes, smart phone, high-denomination chip. Best Poker News Then: CardPlayer monthly newsletter magazine Now: PokerNewsDaily.com Emerging Market Then: People from L.A. Now: Brazil, Russia, maybe even China. Poker's Grandfather Then: Doyle Brunson Now: Doyle Brunson Best Vegas Poker Room Then: Binion's Horseshoe Now: Bellagio or Aria

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