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Poker World Future Bets for the Next Decade

There's nothing like some good futures bets that take 10 years to be graded. We'd like to suggest some various propositions with odds for what will happen in the poker world from 2010 through 2019. If you don't understand how sports-betting lines work, a plus (+) indicates you profit that much for a risk of $100, a minus (-) indicates you need to risk that much to profit $100. For example, if a line is +200, you could risk $100 to win $200 (getting back a total of $300 since you keep your original $100). All over/unders have lines of -110 on either side. Note that this is just for fun, we're not actually taking your bets! But with that being said, if you're in the business of tying your money up for ten years in exchange for little expected return, you can give it to us and we promise to give it back to you plus five percent at the start of the next decade. =) online poker 468x60 Largest online poker cash game pot Over/Under: $3,294,000 Will the largest online poker cash game pot be won by Tom Dwan? Yes: +500 No: -750 Will the United States overturn the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act (UIGEA)? Yes: +700 No: -925 Will online poker be regulated and taxed anywhere in the United States? Yes: -170 No: +150 Will a person born in the 1990s win the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event? Yes: -110 No: -110 Will a German citizen win the WSOP Main Event? Yes: +175 No: -200 Will a French citizen win the WSOP Main Event? Yes: +275 No: -335 Will an Italian citizen win the WSOP Main Event? Yes: +300 No: -375 Will a woman win the WSOP Main Event? Yes: +375 No: -500 Will any WSOP Main Event champion be a previous winner? Yes: +400 No: -525 Will the winner of every WSOP Main Event held this decade be an American? Yes: +2200 No: -3000 Will the event most unanimously considered to be the "Main Event" at the WSOP have a $10,000 entry fee in 2019? Yes: +130 No: -150 Which player will have the most lifetime WSOP bracelets at the conclusion of the decade? (Draw is no action) Phil Ivey: +180 Phil Hellmuth: +200 Johnny Chan: +475 Erik Seidel: +500 Doyle Brunson: +3300 Field: +400 The player who wins the most WSOP bracelets in this decade will hail from where? (Draw is no action unless all tied players are from U.S. or all are non U.S.) United States: -270 Anywhere Else: +230 Will the WSOP be held at the Rio in Las Vegas in all ten runnings this decade? Yes: +110 No: -120 The player(s) with the most lifetime WSOP bracelets will have how many? Over/Under: 14 How many participants will there be in the largest WSOP Main Event held this decade? Over/Under: 9,042 Which of these online poker rooms will have the largest 24 hour peak player base on December 31st, 2019 according to PokerScout.com? iPoker (Titan Poker): -120 Party Poker: +100 What will be the largest prize pool in an online poker tournament? Over/Under: $15,925,000 Will online poker participation grow or shrink this decade? (Judged by sum total of "24 Hour Peak" according to PokerScout.com) Grow: -1400 Shrink: +1000 Will Party Poker service American customers at any point this decade? Yes: -220 No: +185 Well, what would you bet? Head on over to this forum thread to talk about it!

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