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Hater's Edition

In light of the scandal at Ultimate Bet wherein it was discovered millions were being fleeced off of high-stakes no-limit players by accounts that had were able to see all hole cards, I wonder if Phil Hellmuth has a hard time falling asleep at night. After all, he is nearly always dressed in Ultimate Bet gear whenever cameras are nearby. Ehh... I'll bet he probably sleeps like a baby. online poker 468x60 From a fan's perspective, the idea of the WSOP Main Event final table taking place in November sounded kind of cool. But then every well known player in the world forgot to make the final table. Can't wait to see if Dennis "Middle of America" Phillips can take it down! Did you guys know you can get a free $20 at Mansion Poker by signing up through a link from PokerTips? (Enter pokertips20 as your referral code when creating an account). I wonder if this promotion will lead to an explosion in popularity for Mansion's $0.01/$0.02 games? I keep having this itchy feeling after I went to that strip club. I wonder what it is... In the Main Event, I sat with a guy who is a fundraiser for All-In Energy drinks. After laughing at him and telling him that anyone who invests in All-In Energy drinks is really dumb, he countered by saying, "well Phil Hellmuth just bought in to the company!" Oh I love when people prove your points for you. It seems like Barack Obama is really popular amongst Europeans. If he becomes President, I think it's only fair that pro-Obama Europeans should be required to pay taxes at Obama's rates on their American tournament winnings. Here's that change you wanted. After voting Republican his entire life, Doyle Brunson said that he'll probably vote Democrat in the upcoming election because he thinks it's better for online poker. I guess this proves once and for all that people really do go senile as they get older. God, I really should get this itch checked out. What sort of apparel should we use for our next PokerTips promotion? Maybe it's time for some tasteful undergarments? Ohhh... what about a MRVEGAS bobblehead doll? Not to sound like a gossip queen, but did you guys hear Isabelle Mercier made out with Dario Minieri in front of hundreds of poker players at a party in Las Vegas a few weeks ago? I think this is a sign that it's time to set up an eBay listing for my Isabelle Mercier shrine. To end this "Hater's Edition" of Random Thoughts on a positive note, it sure is good to see "Hustlr" home safely from Iraq and brightening our forums with his wit and expertise. Uncle Sam, you can't have him back, imo!

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