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Some well known poker players are also notable bloggers. The blogs of professional poker players can be enjoyable to read and serve as a great way to glimpse into the life of a poker pro. The following four players have enjoyed very different experiences as poker pros. They are similar in that they are kind enough to share a bit of their lives through a blog. These blogs are often educational and can serve as a role model for any players seeking guidance in their poker journey. online poker 468x60 Daniel Negreanu Daniel Negreanu writes the most popular blog in poker. Due to its popularity, several poker sites host feeds of Daniel's blog. After making several WSOP and WPT appearances, Daniel has one of the most recognizable faces in poker. His warm, open personality and natural likeability make him a perfect candidate to author an entertaining blog. Daniel updates his blog about 3 times per week, which is better than average for most poker blogs. Although he leads a busy lifestyle (which is evident in his writings), he does a great job of finding time to update his fans about his life. Most of Daniel's blog topics circle around name-dropping and gambling stories. Often readers will find entertaining stories of Daniel's "days at the office" (read: casino) where he details his wins and loses that often exceed six figures. Daniel shares strategy advice with readers by detailing complicated hands from his recent poker sessions. His blogs are easy to read, educational, entertaining, and very well organized. For poker fans with time to only read one player's blog, Daniel Negreanu's is the best choice. Paul Phillips Paul Phillips, although only in his 30s, is a retired ".com" millionaire who spends his free time playing in poker's biggest tournaments. Paul has a bright mind and is noted for having a very professional writing style. His blogs often feature subtle insults towards the various annoyances that irritate his cynical personality. The largest of these annoyances is Phil Hellmuth. Paul is notorious for using his blog to rag on the "poker brat". Anyone with a propensity to find Phil Hellmuth annoying will find Paul's blog quite enjoyable. Paul updates his blog very often. Not all of the topics circle around poker. For a blogger, he keeps his life rather private, but will sometimes share a photo of his baby daughter. The majority of his blog topics revolve around ranting on society's flaws. Paul usually graces readers with a lengthy poker-based blog after each day of a major tournament. In these blogs, he dissects some difficult hands and does a nice job of leaving the reader to decide what the right move was before revealing the outcome of the hand. For any poker player who enjoys cynicism and higher-thinking, Paul Phillips' blog is a great read. Dutch Boyd Dutch Boyd garnered fame for his 10th place finish in the Main Event of the 2003 WSOP. ESPN spent a lot of time covering Dutch (and his "crew") due to his interesting background. Dutch is a child prodigy who started attending college at the age of 12. He suffers from bi-polar disorder which can be seen through the sporadic nature of his blog. Dutch Boyd is infamous among the poker community because of his failed online poker room, Poker Spot. Launched in 2000, Poker Spot was the first online poker room to offer tournaments. However, it soon had financial problems and eventually folded. Many players who had money in their account were not able to receive their funds. More information about this story can be found in our Online Poker History article. Dutch lives with his brother in Las Vegas, but tends to move around a lot. He will often go several weeks without updating his blog, and then update it 3 times in 2 days. The topics in Dutch's blog change as often as his mood Josh Arieh Several poker fans have distaste for Josh Arieh after his behavior at the final table of the 2004 WSOP. However, readers of Josh's blog will find him to be a very different person than the one portrayed by the ESPN producers. Josh's writing ability is like that of a college dropout (which is exactly what he is), so his blog carries a very charming and down-to-earth feel. Josh is a family who often writes about how lucky he is to have a wife who supports him while he grinds out a living as a poker pro. In addition to being a professional poker player, Arieh is an avid golfer and frequently writes about golf. Clearly a proponent of an aggressive style of poker, Josh's blog offers a unique perspective on how to approach poker tournaments. Josh shares (and perhaps even embellishes) some classic gambling stories from his life as a gambler. His blog is likely to entertain anyone who enjoys gambling and sports.

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