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We've been working in close contact with a few different online poker rooms to organize promotions exclusively for our readers. You might have read about some or all of these on other parts of the site, but we thought it appropriate to detail them all in this edition of the Weekly Shuffle. Tournament League at Titan Poker Being given away: $2,000 Titan Poker is holding a tournament league for players who signed up at their site through a link from PokerTips. The league is composed of six $10+$1 events, the first of which starts this Wednesday at 21:00 (GMT+1). The five remaining events take place at the same time on the five subsequent Wednesdays. online poker 468x60 Titan Poker is making sure that this tournament league has a nice overlay for our players. Each of the six events will have $250 added to the prize pool. We don't anticipate there being much more than 25 players in any of these events, so the overlay could exceed 100% of the prize pool. Additionally, the top 3 points earners over the course of the six tournaments will win a share of $500. Points will be awarded in each event as following: 1st Place: 100 points 2nd Place: 75 points 3rd Place: 50 points 4th Place: 40 points 5th Place: 30 points 6th Place: 24 points 7th Place: 16 points 8th Place: 12 points 9th Place: 10 points 10th Place: 8 points The top three points earners will split the $500 as such: 1st Place: $350 2nd Place: $100 3rd Place: $50 Again, it is important to note that this tournament league is only open to players who created an account at Titan Poker through a link from PokerTips . If you do not yet have an account at Titan, it is not too late to create one in order to participate in the tournament league. They offer our players a fantastic first-time deposit bonus of 150% up to $600 provided you use bonus code tips. For any questions regarding this specific promotion, don't hesitate to ask in this forum thread. Lucky Ace Points Race Freeroll Being given away: $1,000 This is a very simple and juicy promotion that has not gotten a lot of participation yet. Over the course of January and February, Lucky Ace is keeping track of the "comp points" accumulated by any player who signed up at their site through a link from PokerTips. The top 3 finishers in this points race will share $1,000 as follows: 1st Place: $500 2nd Place: $300 3rd Place: $200 At the bottom of our online poker promotions page, we have a leaderboard that lists the points earned by all eligible players. As of when this article was written, only 12 players have accumulated points. Many of these players only have a small handful of points. A few players have accumulated a couple hundred. "bullfight12" knows good value when he sees it; he has almost four times the amount of points as the player in second. Even if we assume he is a lock to win first place (which is probably the case, but not necessarily so), second and third place are still very attainable. Any grinders reading this might consider moving their action over to Lucky Ace for the next few weeks. Not only is it on the softest online poker network (888), but there's a few hundred dollars up for grabs simply from accumulating points. If you do not have an account at Lucky Ace, it is certainly not too late to create one in order to participate in this challenge. They offer a first-time deposit bonus of 100% up to $400. When depositing, be sure to use deposit code PokerTips to receive added bonuses given to our readers. Pacific Poker Weekly $1 Overlay Satellite Being given away: $280 per week Perhaps the best value of any promotion we're offering right now is the 888 Poker Weekly Overlay Satellite. Each Saturday, Pacific Poker is holding a $1 buy-in satellite that is open to any player who created their account through, you guessed it, a link from PokerTips. The top two finishers in this weekly tournament receive a $130+$10 seat to the following day's Deep Stack tournament. With a total weekly prize pool of $280, this event has a huge overlay. So far, only 15-20 players have been participating each week. Those players are effectively competing for prizes that would come from a $20 buy-in, but they're only having to pay $1 to enter! If you're considering creating an account at 888 Poker to participate in this weekly satellite, note that they offer new players entry to seven $500 freerolls, one on each day from the day you deposit.

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