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Why Play the World Series of Poker

The World Series of Poker is booming. In 2003, 839 people bought into the tournament. In the end, Chris Moneymaker, someone who qualified through a $40 online satellite, took home $2.5 million. In 2004, Greg Raymer, another online qualifier, outlasted a field of 2,576 players to win the $5 million prize. Last year, Joseph Hachem beat 5,619 players to win $7,500,000.

This year, the WSOP is projected to have over 5,000 entrants, making the prize pool the largest in tournament poker history. Whoever wins will need to be skillful and very lucky. There will be many people entering the WSOP who qualified online, and there is a good chance that an online qualifier will win for the third year in a row. Who knows, perhaps that player might be you!

The potential to win a lot of money is not the only reason to play in the WSOP. The thrill of playing in the WSOP can really make the trip an eventful one. Poker players from around the world congregate for this momentous event each year. The WSOP is also the focal point of the media's attention on the poker world. Most find being in the middle of all this hooplah quite fun and exciting!

With all of the satellite tournaments running for the WSOP, entry to the WSOP is no longer reserved for only people with large bankrolls. With proper preparation, skilled decision making, and some help from good ole' lady luck, anyone has the chance to be the next WSOP champion.

Remember to keep in mind a healthy dose of reality about the WSOP. The vast, vast majority of people lose money by attempting to play and win in the WSOP. It takes a lot of luck to even qualify for the WSOP. A lot of people lose money playing in satellilte tournaments, only to find themselves watching ESPN to find out what happened at the WSOP. Furthermore, the vast majority of people who are lucky enough to even play in the WSOP end up losing their $10,000 buy-in.

Anyone can win the WSOP, but almost everyone does not. Nevertheless, competing in the WSOP can be very rewarding if you approach it with the right mindset.

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