Submitted by Dico on 2004-10-08


Pinochle-Poker Boure' - Each player Antis $1. 52 card deck- deal passes to the left. Deal 5 cards turning one face up for the dealer - Trumps. Starting left of dealer, declare 'In - Out'If In, draw fresh up to 3 cards[As in 5 card Draw]. goto next and repeat. First player left of dealer leads any card and the next In player must try to over play in the lead suit or play Trump [Pinochle -A, 10, K etc].Most tricks wins and splits are devided equally. An 'IN' player(s) not taking a trick are Boured and match the Pot. A CALLED -Valid playing error 'Renig' matches the Pot and is taken by the Pot winner(s). The error is corrected and play continues. An Invalid Called Renig requires the Caller to match the Pot and play continues with the winner(s) taking the Pot. A SUSPECTED but not CALLED misplay on a player is not a Renig, it is evaluated and play continues without any penalty. Only an 'IN' player may CALL a RENIG. If an onlooker gives any clue to players that a Renig may have occured- No action may be taken. You must always try to win and beat the previous card played. You are not forced to lead Trump, play your highest card or win at first first opportunity. It Poker / Pinochle at it's best, Social with a low limit stake.

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