Submitted by TwoGun on 2004-09-07


Currently, most seven stud hi-lo games are played where the 'cards speak.' This means that people do not choose to go high or low; if their hand wins the high or low or both, then they win that fractino of the pot.

A different method is to play with a declare. This means that a person must declare which section of the pot they intend to win. A player can declare that he or she will win the low end, high end, or scoop the entire pot. However, if a person declares that he will scoop, then he or she must actually do so in order to win anything. If a person who declares a scoop ends up losing one half of the pot and wins the other, then they end up losing both halves of the pot.

There are two methods for declare. First, players can declare in order of the betting. This again, would give the person in the dealer's position a much bigger advantage. Another method is for player to take some chips under the table with them. Then they would place 0,1, or 2 chips in their fist. No chips declares the low end, 1 chip the high end, and 2 chips for the scoop. Everone then reveals how many chips they have in their hand at the same time.

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