Submitted by the Broke Student on 2004-08-03


Each Player receives 5 cards. Before the flop, each player must make 2 2-card hands, with 1 card being left out. As usual, there is the preflop round of betting. The flop comes like texas, except there are two boards (board 1 and board 2). Each player chooses which of the two hands he made preflop will play for board 1 and which one for board 2 by putting 1 chip on top of the hand for board 1 and two chips on top of the hand for board 2. However, before he does this, he has the option of substituting the 5th card into either of the two hands as long as he also removes one card from that same hand. Then a round of betting follows, followed by one turn card for each board, a round of betting, then a river card for each board, and the last round of betting. The pot is split between the highest hand for board 1 and board 2. Once you decide which board your hands will play on, you cannot use those cards for the other board.


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