Submitted by JC on 2004-08-01


Seven cards are dealt to each player face down. As in baseball, 3's and 9's are wild. Also, a card can be bought from the deck to play if one of a player's turn cards is a 4. The card can be bought for a price set at the beginning of the game.
The first person left of the dealer turns their top card over. Betting can occur after every card turned. The next player turns their top card over to try to beat the turned card of the previous player. If the card beats the previous player's card, the player may bet or check and the next player continues in the same fasion. If the card flipped does not beat the previous player's card, another card is flipped and so on until the previous card is beaten with a higher card or hand. The play continues with betting and turning cards until all cards have been flipped or all players have folded.
Player 1: 5
Player 2: 7
Player 3: 6 (this player must flip another card)
Player 3: 6,6 (pair beats 7)
Player 1: 5,J,3(this player has a pair of J's with 3 being wild) Player 2: 7,6,5,A,J,J (this player has J's with A kicker)
Player 3:6,6,6
Player 1: 5,J,3,9
Player 2: 7,6,5,A,J,J,4 (this player can buy another card from the deck for a price set at the beginning of the game)
Player 2: 7,6,5,A,J,J,4,A (this player loses)
Player 3: 6,6,6,3
Player 1: 5,J,3,9,2,A,2 (this player loses)
Player 2 wins!
Note: A price can be set to be paid by any player who looks at their cards out of turn.

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