Submitted by on 2004-07-29


This game is also known as Synthetic Poker. It is popular in Spain and generally played with a no limit structure. I played it once when I was at the Casino de Barcelona.

The game is played with a stripped deck- only with cards 8-A. An ace is high or low; it can also act as a 7. All players ante and each player is dealt two hole cards. Then one card is dealt face up. There is a round of betting, followed by revealing another card on the board. There are 5 total cards placed on the board and theoretically 5 rounds of betting. However, in reality almost all of the money goes into the pot when the first card is laid on the board.

Each player must use both of his/her hole cards and 3 board cards to form his/her hand. The hand rankings are the same as normal poker rankings except a flush beats a full house. This game is very wild and has a strong luck component.

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