Submitted by riverplayer on 2004-05-14


High/Low Split Game

(Wheel is low and can be played both ways)

All players ante and are dealt 2 down cards.

The dealer places a card face up on the table and turns a card face up on the deck.

Player left of the dealer acts first. He has four choices,
1. Player can take the up card on the table for free.
2. Player can "buy" the up card on top of the deck for equal value of the ante.
3. Player can buy a "blind" up card from the bottom of the deck for twice the value of the ante.
4. If a pair exists between the up table card and up deck card, player can buy both up cards for triple the value of the ante, and two new cards are dealt up, The player skips his next buying turn. (Player can not buy a pair if he already has three up cards.)

Once the first player has made his choice, cards are rotated, if table up card is chosen, top of deck up card is placed on table and next card on deck is turned over and placed on top of deck.

The next player gets his choice

If top of deck card is chosen, next card is turned over, table up card remains.

The next player gets his choice

Once all players have chosen the buying round is over, up cards are discarded.

Players bet each round as in normal 7 card stud. This procedure repeats until all players have four up cards.

7th card is dealt down. Players have last round of betting.

Players must have at least an 8 or lower to qualify for the low. (Example: 8,7,6,5,2)

Hi and Low hand (if qualified) split pot.

Great low number of players pot building game.

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