Submitted by TwoGun on 2004-04-10


Triple draw is becoming an increasingly popular lowball variant and is now being played at live casinos and even on the internet (at UltimateBet). Basically, triple draw is 5 card draw, lowball (lowest hand wins). However, instead of just one draw, there are three. There is a round of betting after each draw.

For A-5 triple draw, the lowest hand wins- straights and flushes don't count and aces are considered low. So the best hand is A2345.

For 2-7 draw, the lowest hand wins, but straights and flushes do count and aces are considered high. Since aces only play as high, note that A2345 isn't a straight... it's an A5432 low. The best possible hand in Triple Draw is 23457 (but it can't be a flush).

There is a lot of action and luck in triple draw, which is why many people like this game.

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