Submitted by sungoban on 2004-04-12


Each player is dealt 2 cards down, 2 cards up, and then 7 community cards are placed face down in the center in the shape of an "H"; 3 cards down one column of the "H', 3 cards down the other column of the "H" and 1 card in the middle forming the horizontal bar across the "H". The cards are revealed one by one, starting with the left column, then the right column, with the center card being revealed last. There is a round of better after each card is revealed.

After all 7 cards are revealed, each players makes the best 5 card poker hand possible, using their 4 hole cards in combination with 3 of the 7 community cards. A player can only use the center card and a card from each column that form a straight line across. The games gets its name "Elevator" from figuratively sliding the center card up or down to form a 3-card row that a player can use as the community cards.

The winner is the person with the highest 5 card poker hand.

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