Submitted by Ozone23 on 2004-04-10


Each player antes and is dealt three cards face down. They then decide if they will "Play" or "Fold". If they decide to Play, they put in another ante (usually of the same size of the original ante).

The dealer then says "1-2-3 Drop" and players who do not wish to remain in the hand any longer drop their cards to the table.

Of the players who are still in the hand, they show their cards. The hierarchy is:

1. Three of a Kind
2. Straight Flush
3. Straight
4. Flush
5. Pair
6. High Card

The winner takes the pot, anyone who loses at this showdown matches the pot for the next round of play (all players re-ante into the next pot too).

There is another variation on this in which all players pass one card to the left immediately after they are dealt their hand, then the game continues as described.

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