Submitted by Ozone23 on 2004-04-10


Each player antes (I would recommend the ante to be somewhat large for this game...'large' being very relative of course). Action starts to the left of the dealer. The dealer turns over one card, and a few inches to it's right, they turn over another card. The player may choose to pass, or they may choose to bet (up to the amount in the pot). So say we start with a $20 pot, and the dealer turns up a Queen and a Four. The first player may bet on what he thinks the chances of the next card flipped being IN BETWEEN the two cards showing. So say the first player bets $5 on the next card being in between a Queen and a Four, and the next card flipped is a King, the player would have to pay $5 into the pot. If the card was a Nine, the player would claim $5 from the pot. The game goes around the table clockwise until there is no money left in the pot. At anytime, any player (provided it is their turn) can bet the entire pot on the two cards turned over (the ideal situation of course being Ace-Two). And simply, once the pot is gone, the game is over until another one starts.

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