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This variation of guts is a pot matching game. The player winning showdown wins the pot. Game proceeds in rounds until one player wins unchallenged pot.
All players receive standard deal of 3 cards face down to begin each round. The button stays on same player for all rounds until game ends.

Player to left of dealer is under the gun. UTG calls guts by placing an amount equal to the pot forward but not into the pot. Otherwise, player calls no guts but keeps cards face down on table. Each player proceeds in same fashion until all players have acted. Cards of all betting players are shown down and winner keeps his bet and collects pot. All losing bets are put forward and become the pot for the next round. All no-guts players get a free ride (no ante) on next round.

If only one player, other than dealer calls guts, that player wins pot and game ends

If all players call no guts up to dealer:
(1) dealer may call guts and call for challenges. If no player accepts challenge, dealer takes pot and game ends.

(2) If dealer is challenged, dealer must accept a challenge from any player or players who elect to challenge dealer at 2-1. An eligible player may challenge by creating two bets, each bet matching pot. When challenged, dealer places one bet, matching pot, forward, but not into pot. If the dealer wins, dealer's bet is returned and dealer takes pot. All losing bets are moved forward to create the pot for the next round. If challenging player wins, the winner's bets are returned and player wins pot. Pot for the next round always increases by the number of players with guts (1 bet) or challenging (2 bets).

(3) dealer calls no-guts; the round ends and all players re-ante and play for the increased pot as a new round. (rare)

All hands are for value, no straights, suited cards have no extra value
High hand = AAA
Low hand =234

Special rules:
Ineligible players: any player who mucks cards before all players have acted and all challenges are completed is out until the end of the round. (maintains free ride to next round, but can not challenge)
any player who exposes hand in any way after deal and before showdown is out for the remainder of the game. (loses free ride to next round and can not challenge)

No rebuys until game ends: If player is all-in and loses, all-in bet goes to next round, but player is now out for rest of current game.

Variation is that there are no challenges but dealer needs to show at least Ace high to call guts and take pot. If not, dealer has no guts and game proceeds to next round with all players putting in an addtional ante.

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