Submitted by leoalan on 2006-05-21


seven card stud

Aces are "attorneys" and are wild.
if you get one face down it is working pro bono.
If you get one face up you must pay for it's services. the fee is 1/2 of the pot. If you do not want to pay this discard the ace and take another card.

Jacks are "child support."
At the end of the hand all face down jacks split the pot with the winner.

Queens are "alimony"
If you get a queen face up immediately take half of the pot.

Finally, suicude kings are "no contest"
if you get a suicude king face up you are out of the hand.

I invented this game for my weekly game when it fell on April Fool's. It can be really fun but it has been dubbed "the worst poker game ever" by many who have played it. It is probably the only poker game where you can win the hand and lose money.

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