Submitted by Aaron L. on 2006-03-17


The rules of this game are quite simple, and quite similar to Hold'em. The betting is the exact same as Hold'em.

If you are familiar with Pineapple (a.k.a. Crazy Pineapple) Poker, than this game is the perfect mixture. It combines a seemingly fool-proof way of claiming the pot, but 9 times out of 10 you will end up the loser! Try it and see for yourself!


-Post blinds
-Each player is dealt THREE hole cards face down.
-BEFORE betting begins, each player may discard ONE card into the burn pile.
-A round of betting begins. Standard betting as used in Hold'em.
-After all bets are placed, players turn their hole cards FACE UP on the table in front of them.
-The flop is then dealt face DOWN.
-Another round of betting begins. (After all players' hole cards have been viewed and judged!)
-The Turn card is dealt face UP.
-Another round of betting.
-The River is dealt face UP.
-Final round of betting.
-After all bets are placed, the flop is turned face up, one at a time for suspense.

-Best 5 card (or less) hand takes pot.

This game really gets some yells and excitement at the table! Just when you think you have a good hand, the flop proves you wrong! It is not uncommon for the pre-flop underdog to consistantly claim the pot. And you're guaranteed to kick yourself for discarding what you thought would be a worthless card!

My buddies and I made this up after a couple games of Pineapple, and have since played this game for some time now. We actually prefer it over Hold'em, much more suspense.

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