Submitted by J.R. on 2006-02-24


This is a progressive game with a "dummy" hand. The object of the game is to earn three tokens. Whoever wins three tokens gets the pot. You win a token by beating the dummy hand straight up.

The game starts with each player paying a small ante. "Small" is key here, because the pot can grow exponentially in this game. Play then proceeds to Round One.

The dealer deals two cards to each player and the dummy hand. The best hand in this round is a five and a two of any suit (hence the name of the game).

The person to the left of the dealer decides if he is IN (meaning he wants to bet his hand) or wants to PASS (check). If all players PASS, you immediately move to ROUND TWO (see below).

Once any player goes IN, everyone else has to either declare IN or OUT. If a single player goes IN and beats the dummy hand, he gets a token. If the dummy hand wins, the player has to match the pot. This is how the pot grows.

If more than one player goes IN, they discretely show each other their cards AND view the dummy hand. Each loser has to pay the winner directly the amount of the pot. If the dummy hand beats all, then all IN players have to match the pot. This is how the pot grows exponentially.

The deal then passes to the left and the dealer deals three more cards. The same IN/OUT/PASS decisions are made, but this time with a five card hand. There are no wild cards, and a five or a two have no special meaning during this round.

Once this round is finished, the deal passes to the left and play resumes with a two-card hand. This pattern continues until someone has three tokens.

This game has it all: two-card poker, five-card poker, a dummy hand, and a potential for huge payouts. In addition, you can walk away rich without winning the pot so long as you can bait people to go IN against your strong hand.

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