Submitted by Coach Bob on 2006-02-08


This is a lowest hand wins game. This is different from the traditional low-ball game. In this game the winning hand is the hand with the lowest total points. Each card is "scored" based on its face value (1 for an ace, 5 for a five, etc.) All face cards are scored at 11 points. In this game pairs are not a liability. A pair of aces would simply count as two points. A hand with 2,3,3,8,K would be a 26 point total.

The first card is dealt face down and the second card face up. A round of betting occurs. The third and fourth cards are dealt face up with betting after each. The fifth card is face down following by the final bet.

If you do not want a split pot when two or more players end up with the same point total you can rule that the player with the lowest card in their hand is the winner (an ace beats a deuce).

VARIATION: Allow each player to buy a replacement card for either an up or a down card for a predetermined amount prior to the final bet.

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