Submitted by optimus on 2005-12-10


3 - 6 players. Object is to get two of these three; hi card (suit is picked before the deal), low card (same suit as hi), and best poker hand.

Everyone is initially dealt 3 cards and then there are 3 community cards, (community cards are just draw cards they don't improve hands) flipped over. The players can pay 3x ante for a draw off the top of the deck, 3x for the card in the 3rd slot, 2x for the middle card, or 1X for the first community card. If one of the community cards is grabbed by a player then the top card off the deck pushes the community cards (total of 3 again) down.

Each player must hang onto the cards they draw or select from the community until every player has 7 in their hands. Players reveal their hands when everyone has 7 in their hand.

The antes build pretty rapidly, and players never fold, because they are trying to block each other from getting two of three.

If it comes down to where a player doesn't have at least two out of the three, then you re-deal and run it again leaving the pot untouched. You keep playing until someone achieves two of three. 52 can go on for 5-10 deals and the pot builds rapidly.

Good ante game.

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