Submitted by bhs on 2005-06-08


Houston Hold'em is a variant in which each player is dealt three down cards. After a round of betting, two common cards are dealt face up. A second round of betting follows, and a third common card is dealt. A third round of betting proceeds and the fourth common card is dealt. Players then conduct a final round of betting and show down their hands.

Since players hold three cards, a round of Houston Hold'em has a larger number of hand possibilities than Texas Hold'em. For example, two very different flush combinations can be made. The board may show Heart, Spade, Heart, Spade with one player holding three Hearts and another holding three spades.

Houston Hold'em also has a fun set of hand nicknames:

AAA: Triple A
AKA: Also known as
777: Jackpot!
747: Jumbo Jet
737: Southwest Airlines

Houston Hold'em is primarily played in the city of Houston and is popular among college students.

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