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Quitting for the Day

Even if you are the best poker player in the world, you will have some losing days. Knowing when to just call it quits for the session will do you a world of good for your bankroll. If you play limit poker, it is wise to quit if you have a swing of 40 big bets or more either way. Forty big bets at limit is a lot (especially longhand), so having swings more than this may drive you insane. The only reason to break the 40-big-bet rule is if the game you are in is really good.

Fundamentally though, you should quit because you are tilting, you have played a lot already and risk being tired, or you just have other things to do.

Here are some signs that you may be tilting:

1. You always think your opponents are bluffing.
2. You really want to break even for the day.
3. You want to get back into the action as soon as possible.

Here are some signs that you may have just played too much poker:

1. You are falling asleep at the table.
2. You have played more than ten hours for the day. (Never play more than ten hours at any one time. It is better to play many short or medium sessions than a few long ones.)
3. You find it harder to pay attention to your opponents.

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