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Guide to Titan Poker

Titan Poker is an interesting new poker room. It offers one of the more generous signup bonuses at 50% up to $300 max bonus. (You must use one of our links to get this bonus.)

Because it is new, it also does not have as many players as some of the more older online poker rooms. There are not that many multi-table tournaments and fixed-limit games at Titan Poker, but there are a large amount of soft no-limit games. This guide is primarily intended to help players win at Titan Poker's no-limit games.

To understand Titan Poker's games, it is important to understand how their software and their link to an online casino affects their games. First, their software allows multi-tabling, but it is more difficult to multi-table at Titan Poker than at the other poker rooms, such as Party Poker. This is becasue the multi-tabling is done witin one window. While some people may not like this, this actually keeps the games easier.

As explained in Poker Ecosystems, software that tends to limit players to one table makes the games easier. This is because sharks are the ones who tend to multi-table, while the fish tend to just play at one table anyway. Basically, suppose there are 10 sharks and 30 fish. If the sharks were held to one table, there would be three poor players for every experienced player. However, if the sharks played 3 tables each, there would now be a 1:1 shark to fish ratio. So limiting to one table tends to make the games easier overall.Of course, they may update their software and change the way they do multi-tabling. In this case, the games will probably start to get harder.

Second, Titan Poker is part of an online casino group. This means there are a lot of casual casino players that make their way into the poker room. This also tends to soften the games.

The primary way to exploit their no-limit games is solid no-limit hold'em strategy. It is likely there will not be too many professionals at your table, so straightforward, smart play is generally the best method to success. However, there are a couple of tricks that apply especially well to Titan Poker.

First, stay off tilt. Titan Poker's software is fairly slow, which will often induce people to make hasty decisions to keep themselves entertained. Avoid this, and pay attention to people who seem to start tilting a lot.Furthermore, stack size tends to be a very good indicator of player quality. The fish tend to buy in for smaller stacks at Titan whereas the pros are generally always buying in for the max. While this is not a steadfast rule or anything, someone's buy-in amount is often a decent indicator of that person's skill.

Finally, Titan Poker has one of the softest $2-$4 no-limit games around. For some reason, $2-$4 no-limit is a much tougher game at most sites than $1-$2 no-limit. The $2-$4 no-limit games tend to be similar to $5-$10 no-limit games at a lot of places, and the $.50-$1 and $1-$2 games tend to be of similar strength.The $2-$4 no-limit game at Titan Poker is currently quite soft, and you do not see the leap in level of skill that is typical of that game. So if you play $2-$4 no-limit a lot, or are considering trying it, Noble Poker may be a good place for you to check out.

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