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Harrington on Holdem

Expert Strategy for No-Limit Tournaments (Volume 1: Strategic Play)
Dan Harrington and Bill Robertie Reviewed by TwoGun and Ozone on May. 18, 2005. Overview This is the first volume in a two-volume No-Limit Tournament strategy guide. Authored by one of the most successful World Series of Poker players of all time, the advice found within this book is of great value. World Champion Dan Harrington holds nothing back, and gives away what seems to be most all of his strategy advice that has ushered him to four WSOP Main Event Final Tables. The book is published by 2+2 Publishing, and is a bit pricy, especially when you consider you are only buying half of a book (Volume 2 is due out in June 2005). Poker Advice This is the best material written on No-Limit Tournaments of everything out there. Harrington's theories and advice are easy to follow and leave the reader with that "Wow! I never thought of it that way" feeling. After reading this book, I no longer wonder why Dan Harrington has been so successful in tournament poker. He gives clear, solid advice throughout the book. Presentation Towards the end of each section, Harrington lays out example hands where the reader gets a chance to ask themself, "What would Dan do?" Some of these example problems are a little bulky and hard to swallow. I also feel like there are way too many of them. However, Dan claims they are of great help to anyone's game, and I'll take his word for it. There are also several valuable sections on how to play online tournaments. This is valuable for anyone making the transition to live play, who isn't aware of all of the subtle changes that a player needs to make for this switch to work. Currently, Harrington on Hold'em is the best book you can buy to improve your No-Limit Hold'em Tournament game.

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