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Party Poker is one of the largest online poker rooms. During peak hours, there are usually around 7,000 real-money players logged in.

For the size of their network, their software leaves something to be desired. It's not nearly as good of a platform as some of their top rivals.

Party Poker recently made an exciting change to their first deposit bonus:

Use the bonus code TIPS500 to get 100% bonus up to $500.

The minimum deposit to receive this bonus is $25. This is one of the best first time deposit bonuses offered by an online poker room.

The bonus is released in five parts. For example, if one makes a $100 bonus, they will receive five installments of $20 bonuses. To clear this bonus, one must earn 5 PartyPoints for each bonus dollar.

Since they are a large cardroom, Party Poker usually has some interesting promotions running. Most of their promotions revolve around some type of glorified form of rakeback. They also send players to major tournaments around the world including the WSOP.

Party Poker is among the best places on the internet to play poker tournaments. They offer something for everyone. Their scheduled tournaments strike a perfect balance between offering high buy-in freezeouts and small buy-in rebuy events.

The sit-n-gos at Party Poker are unrivaled compared to other poker rooms reviewed at this site. They used to offer various tiers of "Steps" tournaments that were once incredibly popular. Recently these tournaments were replaced in favor of more affordable games that seem to be generating some popularity.

On the first Sunday of each month, Party Poker holds a $1 million guaranteed tournament with a buy-in of $600+$40.

Party Poker 's software leaves a lot to be desired. There are just a variety of small, annoying issues with the software. For example, it can lag sometimes to where you feel like you need to wait a beat to let it catch up with what it is you're trying to tell it to do. The table re-sizing feature is pretty inferior compared to competing online poker software platforms.

Table Statistics
One frustrating aspect of Party Poker is that they only display the average pot size in the ring games. All in all, they provide you with little information about the games. I recommend watching the game for a minute or two before joining to see how loose everyone is playing.

Competition Level
The competition at Party Poker is pretty soft for the small stakes no-limit games. The medium to high stakes no-limit games as well as many of the limit hold'em games are tougher than they used to be. Many of the thousands of players at this site are beginners or casual players, but some are seasoned professionals. Recently, some players have complained that the games at Party Poker have gotten more difficult.

Customer Service
For a cardroom of this size, their customer service leaves a little to be desired. They offer both email and phone support. Email support can sometimes take a frustratingly long time, and they don't always answer your question. The fact that they have phone support is nice, but some of the agents are not as helpful as you'd hope. Their live chat support can also be frustrating; they'll display a waiting time far lower than how long you actually have to wait.

Ring Games Offered
Texas Hold'em, Omaha hi-lo, Omaha, 7-stud, 7-stud hi-lo

Fixed Limits: $.05-$.10 to $250-$500
NL & PL Blinds: $.02-$.04 to $25-$50

Tournaments Offered
Single- and Multi-table Fixed-limit Holdem, NL/PL Holdem, Fixed Omaha hi-lo, PL Omaha hi-lo, Fixed 7-stud (single-table only). They also have sit-n-go multi-table tournaments.

Single-Table: $3 to $350
Multi-Table: $1 to $1,000

Minimum Deposit