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InterPoker is a popular skin on the medium-sized Boss Media network. They offer a nice first-time deposit bonus. They also offer PokerTips readers 30% rakeback. Their games are available in dollars, pounds and Euros. It is advisable only to play games in dollars otherwise the rake can be higher.

InterPoker offers a great welcome bonus of up to €1,000. This is a flat bonus that can be earned upon a minimum deposit of €10. For every 150 frequent player points earned, you receive €5. This offer remains in place for 60 days following your initial deposit. It essentially amounts to some added rakeback during your first 60 days of play.

They are also offering players who sign up through a link from PokerTips 30% rakeback. This rakeback is automatically deposited to player accounts on the first of each month. Note that you need to generate a minimum of €100 in rake in any given month in order to receive this rakeback, so it's really only worth it for players who plan on playing a fairly good volume.

InterPoker is one of the best online poker rooms in terms of offering unique promotions. There is a pretty high turnover rate in their promotions, so it's advisable to visit their website for the latest details. Currently, they're giving away electronic devices (such as iPods and digital cameras) in freeroll tournaments.

All of InterPoker 's tournaments are played in Euros. As a result of this, entry fees are higher across the board compared to other poker rooms. For example, their €120+€10, €100,000 guaranteed tournament equates to a buy-in of $175+$15. Most cardrooms wait until the buy-in is $200 before charging $15 in entry fees.

Another reason why this isn't the best online poker room for tournaments is that the buy-ins and prize pools are usually pretty small compared to larger places like Titan Poker . However, the five-handed sit-'n'-gos at this site are very popular.

InterPoker's software is fast and easy to use.

The lobby offers statistics on flop percentage, hands per hour, and average pot. This makes it easy to judge whether a game is loose or tight before opening the window.

InterPoker's rake structure can be bad for games played in certain currencies.

Their rake is capped at 3 units regardless of the currency. This means a £3 max rake equates to a $5 max rake, even though games played in dollars are capped at a $3 rake. Games played in Euros are also a bad proposition in this same manner. If you choose to play at this site, we recommend you play games in US Dollars, or even better, Turkish Lira. Small stakes players need not concern themselves since the pots in those games are never large enough to mandate a maximum rake.

Tournament entry fees start to become higher than other poker rooms at the €50+€5 level.

Competition Level
Savvy players should find the huge supply of five-handed cash games appealing. These games have a huge percentage of players seeing the flop, which is a good indication that the competition is weak. Five-handed action makes InterPoker potentially more profitable than other sites due to the large volume of decisions players face at the table.

Customer Service
InterPoker has an extensive customer service team, including phone and email support. They are generally pretty helpful.

Ring Games Offered
Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha hi-lo, 7-Stud, 5-Stud, SOKO, 5-Draw, 5-Draw 7-A

Fixed Limits: $.10-$.20 to £1,000-£2,000
NL & PL Blinds: $.05-$.10 to €100-€200

Tournaments Offered
Texas Hold'em

Single-Table: €2 to €10,500
Multi-Table: €1 to €530

Minimum Deposit