Updated July 5, 2006

Caribbean Sun Poker is a fairly popular poker room that has nice ongoing bonuses and promotions. They also have games available in pounds or euros, but the rake can end up being higher in these games if you play them for higher stakes. Also, their cashout policies are annoying. Competition tends to be slightly more difficult than at most poker rooms.

InterPoker's software is fast and easy to use. It is a bit annoying that players can only access the cashier facility when they are not involved in a game though.

Caribbean Sun Poker has a monthly deposit bonus of 100% up to a $100 bonus. This is a very competitive bonus compared to most poker rooms since players can potentially earn up to $1,200 a year in bonus money. Details of this bonus can be found in our InterPoker Bonus Review (works the same way as the InterPoker bonus).

Caribbean Sun Poker has a lot of promotions. They have standard, ongoing promotions such as a bad beat jackpot and a royal flush bonus. They also have a prop players program. Basically, every now and then, they may encourage you to start a new table and will pay you an amount per hour to keep that table going. They also hold many promotions centering on sending players to land-based tournaments such as the World Series of Poker.

Most of the time, Caribbean Sun has standard cashouts.

Most sites' rake structures are nearly identical, so there is no need to comment on them in the reviews. However, Caribbean Sun's rake structure (and all of the other companies that use the Cryptologic software) can be worse for players if they play certain games.

They surreptitiously tax players who play games in euros or pounds for higher stakes. The rake structure is still the same but the rake is also in euros or pounds. If you play a game in pounds, a $3 max rake becomes a £3 max rake! This means you may end up needlessly paying an extra $2.50 in rake. If you only play lower stakes games such as £1-£2, then this is not going to affect you. Only when the stakes are at least £5-10 limit or £2-4 no-limit does the rake ever get high enough for this to really matter.

If you decide to play at this site, I recommend that you generally play games in dollars. That way you do not needlessly bleed money away in rake.

Ease of Competition
There are a lot of Europeans who play this site, and they tend to play more aggressively. However, there are also a lot of "bonus whores" on this site. These types of players tend to play extremely tight to just work off the monthly bonuses. Overall, games are tighter than at most online poker rooms in my opinion.

Customer Service
Caribbean Sun Poker has an extensive customer service team, including phone and email support. They are generally pretty helpful.

Ring Games offered
Texas Holdem, Omaha hi-lo, Omaha, 7-stud

Ring Games stakes
Fixed Limit: $0.25-$0.50 up to $150-$300.
Pot Limit/No Limit Blinds: $0.15-$0.25 up to $10-$20

Tournaments offered
Single Table and Multi-Table Hold'em

Tournaments buy-ins
$10, $30, $50, $100

Please note: Caribbean Sun Poker offers game in dollars, euros, and pounds. So these values reflect the types of stakes in all three currencies.