August 2004 News

Generic News

Gaming Club Poker Review
We have posted a Review of The Gaming Club.
TwoGun 2004-08-30
Generic News

Glossary Update
Our Poker Glossary now has over 200 terms.
TwoGun 2004-08-25
Generic News

Pot Limit Omaha Article
Added an article about Pot-Limit Omaha to the Poker Strategy section.
TwoGun 2004-08-22
Generic News

PokerTips Korean
Korean Translations are up now.
Mercy 2004-08-21
Generic News

TV Update
We have updated the listings for the Challenge network.
TwoGun 2004-08-15
Generic News

True Poker Review
We have added a review of True Poker to our Site Reviews section.
TwoGun 2004-08-10
Generic News

PokerTips Italiano
We have launched an Italian version of our website.
TwoGun 2004-08-10
Generic News

Expert Strategy Section
We have added an Expert section to the Poker Strategy page. Four new articles were added to this section, and we will be adding more in the future!
TwoGun 2004-08-09
Generic News

Poker Books Update
Added Small Stakes Hold 'em to the Poker Books section.
TwoGun 2004-08-08
Generic News

Site Reviews Update
We have updated our Site Reviews for many of the more popular online poker rooms.
TwoGun 2004-08-08
Generic News

Absolute Poker Review
Added a review of Absolute Poker to our Reviews section.
TwoGun 2004-08-03
Generic News

Updated the TV Section
We have updated the Poker On TV section to reflect August programming.
TwoGun 2004-08-03

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