'4284', 'en_id' => NULL, 'secid' => '2', 'language' => 'en', 'title' => 'Amaya Gaming Acquires Pokerstars and FullTilt in 4.9 Billion Sale', 'article' => 'On Thursday, Amaya Gaming Group Inc. acquired [[pokerstars]] and [[fulltilt]] from Rational Group (the companies parent company) for a reported $4,900,000,000.', 'longarticle' => 'On Thursday, [b]Amaya Gaming Group Inc.[/b] acquired [b]Pokerstars[/b] and [b]Full Tilt[/b] from [b]Rational Group[/b] (the companies parent company) for a reported $4,900,000,000. Rational Group\'s parent company [b]Oldford Group Ltd.[/b] came to an agreement by which all shares of Oldford Group Ltd. were to be acquired by Amaya Gaming Group Inc. for a reported $4.9 Billion. This transaction stands to make Amaya Gaming Group Inc. the largest publicly traded gaming company. Rational Group and Pokerstars shared a press release on Thursday, stating; "Amaya believes the transaction will expedite the entry of PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker into regulated markets in which Amaya already holds a footprint, particularly the U.S. Additionally, Amaya will provide an extensive selection of its online casino games to expand the Full Tilt Poker casino platform. Amaya intends to strongly support Rational Group\'s growth initiatives in new gaming verticals, including casino, sportsbook, and social gaming, and new geographies." According to another press release, "Rational Group\'s executive management team will be retained and online poker services provided by PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker will be unaffected by the Transaction, with players continuing to enjoy uninterrupted access to their gaming experience." Management of Pokerstars and Fulltilt will not be affected by the sale. Operations will continue as usual, and player\'s need not worry about any drastic changes being implemented. Rational Group\'s CEO Mark Scheinberg released this statement regarding the acquisition, "I am incredibly proud of the business Isai and I have built over the last 14 years, creating the world\'s biggest poker company and a leader in the iGaming space. Our achievements and this transaction are an affirmation of the hard work, expertise and dedication of our staff, which I am confident will continue to drive the company\'s success. The values and integrity which have shaped this company are deeply ingrained in its DNA. David Baazov has a strong vision for the future of the Rational Group which will lead the company to new heights."', 'author' => 'Erik Lemarquand', 'date' => '2014-06-13 14:40:47', 'site' => '', 'catid' => '20', 'related' => '', ); include_once $enroot . '/inc/functions.inc'; include_once $enroot . '/inc/fn_ptcode.inc'; include_once $enroot . "/gen/news/inc/categories.$language.inc"; include_once $enroot . "/gen/news/inc/meta.inc"; $interlinking = 'bottom'; $interlinkmap = array(); foreach( $news_startdates as $la => $d ) if( $la != $language && !is_null($d) && $row->date >= $d ) $interlinkmap[ $la ] = "http://www.pokertips.org/news/search.php?id=$row->id&lang=$la"; $date = date( 'Y-m-d', strtotime($row->date) ); $catname = $news_categories[ $row->catid ][ 'title' ]; $header = ptcode_to_html( $row->title, $distribution ); $subheader = "$catname, $date, by $row->author"; $submenu = $DOCUMENT_ROOT . '/submenu/main.inc'; $NEWSICON = $news_categories[ $row->catid ][ 'icon' ]; $NEWSICON = ''. static_img( "/images/newsicons/$NEWSICON.gif", $NEWSICON ).''; include_once $enroot . '/inc/header.inc'; $article = $row->longarticle ? $row->longarticle : $row->article; $html = ptcode_to_html( $article, 'non-US' ); if( $distribution == 'US' ) { $p = '(.*redirect.php.site.([a-z]+).*)?'; ereg( $p.$p.$p.$p.$p, $html, $sites ); $sites = array( $sites[2], $sites[4], $sites[6], $sites[8], $sites[10] ); $sites = array_unique($sites); $idx = array_search( false, $sites ); if( $idx !== FALSE ) unset( $sites[$idx] ); $sites = array_map( getName, $sites ); $us_note = 'not accept real-money players from the United States.'; list( $a, $b, $c ) = $sites; if( count($sites) == 1 ) $us_note = "$a does $us_note"; else if( count($sites) == 2 ) $us_note = "$a and $b do $us_note"; else if( count($sites) >= 3 ) $us_note = "$a, $b, and $c do $us_note"; else $us_note = ""; $html = ptcode_to_html( $article, $distribution ); if( $us_note ) $html .= "


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